Continuing Debian Education

In the spirit of other fields of endeavor's Continuing Education, we'd like to propose a series of lectures on irc (or video lectures or whatever the presenter is comfortable with).

Feel free to propose talks and speakers to talk about a specific subject (and contact them.)

Scheduled events will be anounced on -devel-announce, and should include links to appropriate educational material.

Scheduling will be done informally; when a presenter is ready to present, they'll pick a time/day that they are comfortable with, and everything will be announced. [Feel free to pressure presenters who you want to hear talk to schedule themselves!]

Scheduled Events

No events are currently scheduled

Proposed Events

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New bts features

Discussion of the various new BTS features along with demonstrations of their use, including SOAP, full text searching, versioning, et al.

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Packaging with Git

How to use Git for Debian packaging

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Historical Events

There have been no historical events

Various Templates

Talk Description Template

Description of the talk

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