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The Linux console is the basic text entry and display device for system administration messages. It is well known as the white on black display that is shown at boot when no desktop environment is installed.

"Console" is also commonly used to designate terminal emulators (which emulate behavior of the console), or generally any kind of command line interface.

How to access the Console

In Debian, there are already six default virtual Consoles ready to be used. They all can be accessed using the key combination Ctrl + Alt + FN#Console. For example, the Console #3 is accessed by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F3.

Note The Console #7 is usually allocated to the graphical environment (Xorg, etc.).

If you are running a desktop environment, you may want to use a terminal emulator instead.

Locking the console

To completely lock the console and prevent virtual console switching, check out the vlock package.

Use logout to terminate your console session and go back to the login prompt.

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