Compiz packaging for Debian


The goal of the compiz packaging team on is to bring back compiz within Debian, fetching from its new upstream (Ubuntu), and adapting it as needed to fit within the Debian ecosystem.

This might mean dropping some build-dependencies, and some features, but let's try and see if it can be reintroduced, and improved gradually.

Latest news

Git repository

The git repository can be found here:

The unstable branch will hold Debian packaging for unstable; master will be synced from Ubuntu (where code is stored within bazaar/launchpad); and pristine-tar will help keep track of upstream tarballs.

Deb repository

Binaries for amd64 may be staged for advanced users to give them a shot before a possible upload to Debian. Here's the sources.list excerpt to use them:

deb sid main

Current version: old

The repository is signed by kibi's work key, itself signed by kibi's Debian key, which is available in the Debian keyring.


Check environment variable etc. for compiz to properly start in various desktops.