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 * [[DebianResources|Debian Resources]] - Debian-related forums, websites, howtos.  * [[DebianResources]] - Debian-related forums, websites, howtos.

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Debian events

Linux in general

Derivative Distributions

Pre-configured distributions

  • Debian Edu uses Debian to make the best distribution for educational purposes

  • Debian Junior uses Debian to create an OS that children will enjoy using

  • Debian Lex is a complete system for all tasks in legal practice

  • Debian Live is a Debian distribution that you can try in a CD-ROM or install on your hard disk or USB stick

  • Debian Med presents packages that are associated with medicine, pre-clinical research, and life sciences

  • aptosid (formerly Sidux) is a Debian-based live CD of balanced "sid" (Debian unstable) snapshots

Other Distributions

Contribute and help to improve the project

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