Committing Britney changes

This page describes how to make code changes for Britney (testing migration script) and set them live. It is mostly interesting for the members of release team, performing the changes. Britney2 (b2) is the actual tool making the migrations. There are also some infrastructure scripts related to Britney2 (e.g. the cronjob) which is currently stored in the old Britney repository (b1).

A word on style: right now the Python code for b1 is written without expanding the tabs (bad) while for b2 the tabs are set to 4 positions and expanded (good). Please make sure that you follow this style. For example, if you are using vim to do the code changes, make that you have the following settings in your ~/.vimrc for the b2 code:

set tabstop=4
set softtabstop=4
set expandtab

For the b1 repository you either need to remove set expandtab or turn it off in your session using :set noexpandtab.