Colin Tuckley

Email: <colint AT SPAMFREE debian DOT org>


Other Debian Work

While reading through the various New Maintainer documents I came across several typos and errors. I submitted bugs and patches for maint-guide and developers-reference.


This was my first Debian package, I started work on it in early 2005 after discovering it when I needed some CD labels. I then discovered that it was orphaned both in Debian and upstream, since it was useful to me I adopted it (both in Debian and on Sourceforge) and have slowly been improving it.


As I moved from Windows to Linux I needed a tagline generator for Thunderbird. Linux-tart by Mark Veinot was the one I chose. It wasn't available as a Debian package so I prepared one.


I've been involved with the mixmaster project on Sourceforge for a long time and am now one of the Admins.


Updates to brandy were sponsored and I was involved in the work. The upstream author agreed that a Debian package would be a good idea.


I've used ploticus for several years, when it was orphaned in April 2006 I adopted it. I already had a good relationship with the upstream author from earlier bug squashing and he is supportive of my packaging efforts. Recently I worked on extending the package to include a shared library for the ploticus API.

Ploticus Documentation

The companion documentation package for Ploticus


cd-circleprint uses Perl-TK for it's GUI. I found a bug and worked with the maintainer Michael Schultheiss to fix it and several others. Together, we are working with the Perl-Tk team to try and fix some of the outstanding bugs.