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= Draft for a "philosophy", "freedom", or "viewpoint" page about clouds on www.debian.org =

Having a private cloud is like owning a bunch of buildings on your own
land and keeping most of them empty most of the time.

Putting some servers into a data-centre is like owning a bunch of
buildings built on land rented from someone else.

Using IaaS (public cloud) is like renting an empty building with the
usual utilities; electricity, water, gas.

Using PaaS is like renting a pre-furnished room in a building.

Using SaaS is like visiting the library, post office or a restaurant.

Everyone makes a trade-off when they decide where in the spectrum they
feel comfortable with. It is all about asking yourself the question "am
I free enough?". Every choice is valid but some are more risky than
others and it all comes down to our trust in society.