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Debian Images

Oracle demonstrated interested in having Debian images in their cloud platform since the end of Aug 2015. The work is led by Tiago Ilieve, member of the Debian Cloud Team and upstream developer of bootstrap-vz.

Image Characteristics

There's a few things that have to be installed/configured for a Debian image to work on Oracle Cloud:

The default user is "opc", which will be configured with the SSH public keys selected during instance creation. Logins with root and password authentication are disabled by default.

Build an image

Install apt/pip dependencies:

$ sudo apt-get install debootstrap git parted kpartx qemu-utils python-pip
$ sudo pip install termcolor jsonschema fysom docopt pyyaml

Clone the bootstrap-vz repository:

$ git clone

Bootstrap a new image:

$ cd bootstrap-vz/
$ sudo ./bootstrap-vz --debug manifests/official/oracle/jessie.yml

The resulting .tar.gz tarball has to be uploaded using the Oracle Compute Cloud Service dashboard.


The bootstrap-vz development is done on GitHub. Bugs regarding the tool should be opened as issues in there, but problems with the images should be reported against the pseudo-package on Debian Bug Tracking System.