Azure is the public cloud infrastructure provided by Microsoft and some partners worldwide.


Support for Azure should be requested via the Azure Support Portal. How to create an Azure support request?

If there are general questions about the image itself, those can be asked via


Debian images are available in all Public Azure regions, as well as Azure China, and Azure USGov clouds.

There are several different images available:

Access via the Azure portal

Debian can be found in the Marketplace via the new resource mechanism of the Azure portal.

Access via Azure Resource Manager (ARM)

The Debian images can be found using the following parts of the image URN:

An example for the final resource name Debian:debian-12:12-arm64:latest.

Access via Azure stack

Debian is available for syndication from the public Azure Marketplace and can be imported this way directly into the local Azure Stack installation.

Known problems

VM extensions are not installed

Debian disables support for VM extensions. Please refer to our announcement. Users can re-enable support for VM extensions via a cloud-init custom data. Add the following script:

   1 #!/bin/sh
   2 sed -i -e 's/^Extensions\.Enabled=.*$/Extensions.Enabled=y/' /etc/waagent.conf