This page documents the lifecycle for stable images provided by the Debian cloud team. The policy below does not differ from how previous stable releases were handled.

Stable Cloud Images for bullseye

The Debian Project will release it's new stable release 11 (code name bullseye) along with images for various cloud providers. Images will be available at, along with hashes to verify downloads. In addition, some platforms will have the images pre-loaded and/or available in their marketplace. See for more information.

Security Support Period

The Cloud Team will support the Debian 11 images through the end of the LTS cycle. New builds will occasionally be made available:

End of Security Support

At the end of the LTS support period, the images will no longer be updated. Any marketplace listings will be retired. And depending on the technical details of the platforms, pre-loaded images may be deleted.

To avoid missing important security updates, users are encouraged to migrate to a newer image before the end of the LTS period.