Debian images available on GCE are not published by Debian and are considered derivatives from Debian's perspective. In particular, they enable third-party apt sources and install software in the default image that is not part of Debian. If you are interested in enabling Debian to publish working images to GCE in the future, please contact the cloud team.

Cloud/GoogleComputeEngine Image lists for Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine Documentation

Google Compute Engine documentation:

Google Cloud SDK (gcloud CLI) Documentation

Debian Images

Google Compute Engine Debian images are built with fai from the official Debian cloud image project

Debian community members are welcome to help improve and maintain the images in Google Compute Engine. Issues can be filed in the compute-image-packages Github project

More details about what is configured or added is maintained in the Google Compute Engine Images documentation

For discussion about Debian on various cloud providers, please visit the debian-cloud mailing list.

SSH user accounts

SSH in Google Compute Engine is provided using user provided SSH keys. There is not a default account or password configured in GCE images. For more information on how to SSH into GCE Debian instances, refer to the Google Compute Engine SSH documentation:

The software to facilitate SSH key based login via metadata is provided in the base images and is open source licensed under the Apache License 2.0

Listing Current Images

To list the currently-recommended, newest versions of Debian images on Google Compute Engine, use the Google Cloud SDK command line tool gcloud

gcloud compute images list --project=debian-cloud --no-standard-images

Using An Image

To use the most up to date Debian 12 Bookworm image, use the "debian-12" image family when creating a new instance.

gcloud compute instances create "<instance-name>" --image-project debian-cloud --image-family debian-12 --zone="<zone>"

Listing Older and Deprecated Images

As Google Compute Engine releases new images, older images will be deprecated and eventually removed. When this happens, Google Compute Engine sets the deprecation status on an image.

gcloud compute images list --project=debian-cloud --no-standard-images --show-deprecated

Building a Google Compute Engine Image

To build a Debian image for Google Compute Engine, use the tools and configurations from the open source Google provided tools which wrap the fai build or the Debian cloud images build tools directly

Google Contacts

If you have any questions, concerns, or general feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact the Google Compute team ( or open an issue in the compute-image-packages Github project

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