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== Debian AMIs == == Official Debian AMIs ==
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These are based on official Debian images but modified (so no longer official).

Cloud/Amazon EC2 Image lists registered Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

Official Debian AMIs

For discussion about Debian on various cloud providers, please visit Debian-Cloud mailing list.

See also our EC2 FAQ.

AMI build script

Anders Ingemann has created a build script for bootstrapping instances like the above. The script runs fully automatic and needs no user interaction, custom scripts can be attached to the process as well. You can download or clone the script on github. Any bugs or suggestions should be reported via the github issue tracker.

Individual Developer/User Contributed AMIs

Security of user-contributed AMIs

Please consider the security of user-contributed AMIs as having been potentially untested and un-vetted by the Debian Project. Always check the AMI ID matches what you were looking for, and verify the AMI Source to confirm the AMI you are launch is being updated and controlled from an account ID that you trust.

Questions about the images published by tom@punch.net, visit the ec2debian google group. For more information on images published by RightScale, see the RightScale OSS support page.

Debian installer

See Cloud/AmazonEC2DebianInstaller.