These images are no longer supported

Please note that Debian 8.x (Jessie) is no longer maintained. Please see the stable release information for details on the current stable release, and the EC2 image information for details on the latest AMIs for Amazon EC2.

If you still require the details of the jessie AMIs, please refer to historical versions of this page.

Debian Jessie on AWS EC2

SSH username

SSH to Debian instances as user admin using your SSH key, and then sudo -i to gain root access.

What's in Debian Jessie EC2 Images



hvm x86_64 ebs

AMI Details are available on historical versions of this page.


Enumerate Debian account AMI:

The Jessie release of Debian was built with bootstrap-vz (formerly called build-debian-cloud), and contains the CloudInit package.

Please note that a Marketplace image volume cannot be attached to another running instance (For example, to repair a broken /etc/fstab, or /etc/network/interfaces). This is a limitation of all Marketplace images, as described here: Official AWS documentation

Fun with cloud-init

You may wish to play with cloud-init, for example:

   1 #cloud-config
   2 package_update: true
   3 package_upgrade: true
   4 package_reboot_if_required: true
   5 packages:
   6 - pwgen
   7 - less
   8 locale: fr_FR.UTF-8
   9 ssh_authorized_keys:
  10 - ssh-rsa AAAAB3Nz....89dGp5 me@mykey1
  11 - ssh-rsa AAAAB3Nz....89dGp5 me@mykey2
  12 final_message: "The system is finally up, after $UPTIME seconds"

See also Cloud and Teams/Cloud.