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 * tool-deps-alpha-clojure [[DebianBug:891136]] (ehashman)  * tools-deps-alpha-clojure [[DebianBug:891136]] (ehashman)
 * tools-gitlibs-clojure [[DebianBug:905543]] (ehashman)

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Clojure Packaging Wishlist

Many Clojure apps and libraries are still missing in Debian package form. Please add the apps/libs you'd like to see packaged below. If possible please add information about missing dependencies too.

For people unfamiliar with Debian packaging that want to help, a short note on the abbreviations:

  • RFP: Request for Packaging - somebody filed a bug in the Debian bug tracking system (BTS) requesting a package
  • ITP: Intend To Package - somebody stated they are willing to package the software for Debian

If possible please note the library or application name, the upstream URL, ITP and current packaging (as appropriate). Please try to keep this list in alphabetical order as well.

All open ITPs

  • boot-clj 871913 (tmarble)

  • clojure-cli 891141 (ehashman)

  • tools-deps-alpha-clojure 891136 (ehashman)

  • tools-gitlibs-clojure 905543 (ehashman)

Note: tools-deps-alpha-clojure has many additional dependencies that need to be uploaded. See ITP.

All open RFPs

  • clj-postal: 766906 (dependency of riemann)

  • clojurehelper: 718775 (ehashman rewrote a Clojure packaging helper in Clojure called clj-helper, as clojurehelper is written in Python)

  • http-kit: 766894 (dependency of riemann)

  • riemann: 765398

  • reply: 855963 (old Leiningen dependency, no longer needed)

  • useful: 698694 (old Leiningen grand-dependency, no longer needed)

Side note: the current upstream Riemann direct dependency list is 37 packages long. Surely there are many missing here.


  • Add links to ITP's for each package listed here, if none there, decide if you want to file one, or move them to the "maybe interesting" list of packages nobody actually volunteered to put work in
  • perhaps we could make sure ITP/RFP's are filed for all these packages, and then user bugs.debian.org/usertags to generate this list?