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 * Latest version of Leiningen (2.9.6)  * [[Clojure/Leiningen2.9.8|Latest version of Leiningen (2.9.8)]]
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   * Latest is now 1.11.1

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This page contains the list of things that the Clojure Team would like to finish within the given release. These goals are generally goals that either affects a lot of packages, may involve a lot of work or improve the Debian Clojure infrastructure.

Feel free to claim items off the list below. You may want to reach out on #debian-clojure (OFTC) or the team mailing list first.


DebConf 2021 BoF TODO List

Bookworm release

  • Latest version of Leiningen (2.9.8)

    • Includes dep bumps like data-xml
  • Latest version of Clojure
    • 1.10.3 was released during freeze so we haven't uploaded yet
      • Clojure 1.10.1 contains some important mitigations to a Java regression in Java 8/11/etc
      • Clojure 1.10.2 has a change that made generated code more brittle (emitting call to a new function) that was rolled back in 1.10.3. So, don't use 1.10.2. :)

      • Stable has 1.10.2, may want to consider an SRU with fix
    • Latest is now 1.11.1
  • New clojure-cli package
    • GSoC student had worked on it + deps, not yet available
    • Some work needs to be done managing what /usr/bin/clojure points to; old script in Debian vs. new upstream script
  • Reproducibility of clojure packages?
    • Java bytecode non-determinism, even with debian scripts to promote reproducibility in Java packages on (were turned off at some point due to perf regressions)
    • Macros gensym symbols which might cause reproducibility issues
    • Has been discussed in core team but no current plans forward
    • Action: ehashman to ensure that we are not suppressing reproducibility scripts on Clojure/Leiningen

DebConf 2020 BoF TODO List

  • Migrate remaining Clojure packages under java-team to clojure-team.
  • Move ehashman/clj-helper under clojure-team.

  • Update clojure-team Salsa repos to use KGB webhooks.
  • Update clojure-team Salsa repos to use the standard CI integrations for autopkgtests.
  • Add autopkgtest scaffolding to clj-helper or investigate autodep8.
  • Ensure Clojure binaries are compiled with direct linking.

  • Investigate reproducible build issues with reproducible builds team and upstream.

Bullseye Release

Listed in priority order.

  • Update Clojure to 1.11, when available. Was not available.

  • Update other Clojure packages.

  • Upload new CLI tools. In progress for bookworm via GSoC.
  • Anything that can also be accomplished in the sections below.

Essential Clojure tools

  • Package the new clojure-cli and its dependency tools.deps.alpha (?Clojure-CLI).

  • Package boot

  • Target Clojurescript
  • Write a lein-helper to allow packages to be built with Leiningen rather than javahelper or mavenhelper



  • Fix outstanding lintian warnings on packages (see Clojure Team lintian reports)

  • Standardize packaging according to our Packaging Reference

  • Add watchfiles to Clojure packages
  • Improve documentation for adding autopkgtests
  • Add missing Clojure language categories to Debian
  • Move pure Clojure packages in the Java team over to Clojure team (low priority)
  • Add Clojure lintian tags/rules.


For Buster release