All team resources hosted on Alioth need to be migrated. This page is intended to document and coordinate that work for the Clojure team.

Migration tasks consist of:

Git Repositories

Git repositories for the Clojure team currently live in two places on Alioth:

We must migrate these to the new Salsa service.

Initial Migration

ehashman has created a Salsa team for Clojure packages called "clojure-team" (per the new team naming scheme). Some members of the current pkg-clojure team have been added, but those who don't have Salsa accounts and those who are inactive have not yet been added. If you would like an invite to the team, please let ehashman know.

All repos currently in use (i.e. provides the source for a package in Debian) under the pkg-clojure namespace on Alioth have been imported under the clojure-team namespace using the provided mass-migration script. Some packages still live under the java-team, who kindly migrated for us.

To replace the git hooks for the KGB bots, ehashman set up irker IRC notifications.

Mailing Lists

Our mailing list needs to be migrated from lists.alioth.d.o elsewhere. Salsa does not offer a replacement for mailing lists, but lists.d.o will likely be a good fit for our needs. ehashman has filed a request for the creation of and subscriber migration.

Rather than setting up mailing lists for commit logs, I suggest that users interested in email subscriptions for that can use the Salsa notification and subscription features.