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Clojure and Debian

Currently the essential Clojure tool chain is not in Debian -- let's fix it!

For the moment work on Clojure is done in conjunction with the Java team. This makes sense as the primary target for Clojure is the JVM. In the future we may add support for other targets such as ClojureScript.

Understanding Clojure packages names

This information wants to become part of "Clojure policy" and is subject to revision.

Clojure packages like [robert/hooke "1.3.0"] turn into librobert-hooke-clojure

and project names with a dot (.) have the dot(s) replaced with dash(es):

[org.clojure/tools.nrepl "0.2.12"] is libtools-nrepl-clojure

Developers - Clojure packaging work in Debian

General information and coordination

Work on specific application packages

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