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ClamAV® — Is an open source antivirus engine for detecting trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats.


ClamAV can be installed by issuing the following command in the terminal:

# apt-get install clamav clamav-daemon

Note: It is recommended to restart your machine after the installation, so that the virus signature database updates and informs ClamAV about the update.

Must change freshclam config

Most common problem - ?DatabaseMirror - the 'local' needs to be changed to your country code.

Scanning for viruses

ClamAV is able to scan separate files or if necessary entire directories. An example of a command is demonstrated bellow.

To scan a file:

$ clamscan file

To scan a directory (In this instance your home directory):

$ clamscan --recursive=yes --infected /home

Note: If you would like ClamAV to remove the infected files add the --remove option.

By default ClamAV will not scan files larger than 20Mb. In order to override that setting the options --max-filesize=2000M --max-scansize=2000M must be appended to the command. Where the size 2000M may be replaced as necessary by the user. An example is provided bellow.

$ clamscan --max-filesize=2000M --max-scansize=2000M --recursive=yes --infected /home

Note: Making ClamAV fully scan each and every file in your home folder may take up a lot of time (2+ hours) depending on the amount of files in your homer folder.

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