CipUX is a framework for server administration. With CipUX tools you can solve the daily administration tasks easily. There are several layers of tools for users with different skills. ?TableOfContents


CipUX is made out out several parts: On the base the LDAP server is suited. On top of that the LDAP abstraction layer CipUX::?CiBot can be found. Then the CipUX::Task modul delivers daily administration task functions to different institutions: (1) The graphical CAT user interface. (2) The CipUX shell command line and (3) the RPC daemon.

CipUX interfaces:

CipUX/CAT (CipUX Administration Tool)

CipUX/Shell tasks

CipUX/low level commands:

CipUX/RPC daemon:

The scope of the CipUX framework

CipUX is modular: so you can use it with or without quota, with ACL or without ACL, with or without samba ...

CipUX/RPC community: