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== CipUX community: ==

 * The more then 25 members of the [[https://alioth.debian.org/projects/cipux/|Alioth team]]
  * Homepage at http://cipux.alioth.debian.org/
 * The SVN based source can be viewed on the web at [[http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/cipux/trunk/|wsvn]] [[http://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/cipux/trunk/|viewsvn]] [[http://svnweb.cipux.org/index.cgi/CipUX/browse/trunk/|svnweb]]
 * There is an English mailing list [[mailto:cipux-devel@cipux.org|CipUX mailing list]]
 * CipUX meetings in the [[http://wiki.skolelinux.de/TestZentrum|German Skolelinux Test Center in Gütersloh]] or in Berlin. Come and meet us!
 * You can use user@skolelinux.de (German) for German questions or cipux-devel@cipux.org (English)
 * IRC Channel #CipUX at: irc.oftc.net with port 6667
 * Mailing list for developers, admins and users: cipux-devel@cipux.org [[http://sympa.cipworx.org/wws/info/cipux-devel|Info]] [[http://sympa.cipworx.org/wws/subscribe/cipux-devel|Subscribe]] [[http://sympa.cipworx.org/wws/arc/cipux-devel|Archive]]
 * If you are, as a developer interested in automated commits too, you can subscribe cipux-commits@cipux.org [[http://sympa.cipworx.org/wws/subscribe/cipux-commits|Subscribe]] [[http://sympa.cipworx.org/wws/arc/cipux-commits|Archive]]


CipUX is a framework for server administration. With CipUX tools you can solve daily administration tasks easily. There are several layers of tools for users with different skills.


CipUX is made up of several parts: on bottom is the LDAP server. On top of that, the LDAP abstraction layer CipUX::Storage can be found. The layer for handling generic CipUX objects comes afterwards: CipUX::Object. On the top the CipUX::Task module delivers daily administration task functions to different institutions: (1) The graphical CAT user interface. (2) The CipUX shell command line, and (3) the XML-RPC daemon.

CipUX interfaces:

CipUX-CAT-Web (CipUX Administration Tool)


  • With the graphical user interface, you may perform several tasks without Linux knowledge (today CAT is a CGI based tool for Apache, but other versions may be developed effortlessly).
  • With the Moodle plug-in (under development by the French team), even an inexperienced user can do the work of an administrator. It is available for CipUX 3.2.6 and CipUX 3.2.12
  • ?more


  • There are over 242 ?CipUX command line task commands which may be used by a semi-experienced administrator. They may be used for creating new tasks, writing macros, or defining cron jobs.

  • You can use cipux_task_client to access them.

CipUX/low level commands:

  • These very powerful commands give access to every single value of the LDAP database for high skilled users, without needing expert LDAP knowledge.
  • cipux_storage_client
  • cipux_object_client

CipUX/XML-RPC daemon:

  • Other applications may also use CipUX for administration tasks, even over the network, by using its remote procedure calls.

The scope of the CipUX framework


  • users
  • groups (courses)
  • machines
  • rooms
  • examinations
  • roles
  • images
  • ...

CipUX is modular, so you can use it with or without quota, with or without ACLs, with or without Samba ...