CipUX 3.2.x update manual
                   for Debian-Edu/Skolelinux 2.0

                          Original by
                      Christian Kuelker

                        License GPL 

Revision 0.1 2005-09-07 by Christian Kuelker   (init)
Revision 0.2 2005-09-09 by Christian Kuelker   (add Setup Feature)
Revision 0.3 2005-09-16 by Christian Kuelker   (exec setup again)
Revision 0.4 2005-11-25 by Christian Kuelker   (new version structure)
Revision 0.5 2006-04-19 by Christian Kuelker   (moved to debian wiki)
Revision 0.6 2006-04-19 by Christian Kuelker   (changed license)


1   General hints for updates
1.1 Preparation before the update

2   Update from 3.2.7 to 3.2.8
2.1 Updating
2.2 Afterwork

3   Update from 3.2.8 to 3.2.9
3.1 Updating
3.2 Afterwork

1 General hints for updates

* before an update: MAKE a backup
  Example: /skole/backup/etc_cipux_backup_2005-09-07
* after an update:
  Generally: Check the difference between /etc/cipux 
  and /skole/backup/etc_cipux_backup_2005-09-07

  Reinvent YOUR changes to the new configuration. So YOU have to KNOW what
  your changes are. Normally this would be in system.conf (Customer) and 
  cipux.conf (may be LDAP connection with -ZZ or without -ZZ)

  If you do not know what your changes are read the installation manual
  and change /etc/cipux accordingly. And for the future you should mark 
  you changes like:

  # ckuelker 2005-09-07
  # Cipux_Debug=0

  This means: ckuelker changed this on 2005-09-07, the value before the 
  change was CipUX_Debug=0 and CipUX_Debug=1 after the change. Easy, 
  isn't it?

1.1 Preparation before the update

* Save your changes from the /etc/cipux folder just to be save

  (1) cp -a /etc/cipux /skole/backup/etc_cipux_backup_2005-09-07

  (Change 2005-09-07 to the actual date)

2   Update from 3.2.7 to 3.2.8

2.1 Updating

* Update the local repository information

  (2) apt-get update

* Install the new version

  (3) aptitude install cipux-common cipux-cibot cipux-cat-webmin

2.2 Afterwork

* if upgrading to 3.2.8 add some LDAP values in CipUX configuration 


    cipux_get_value -x Cat -e cipuxVariable|grep Setup 

  is empty, do

    cipux_set_value -a -x Cat -e cipuxVariable -v Cat_Feature_Setup=1
    cipux_set_value -a -x Cat -e cipuxVariable -v Cat_Acl_Setup=assistent

3   Update from 3.2.8 to 3.2.9

The release 3.2.9 is out, but no update information is available. Please subscribe to this page. The update information will be published as soon as possible.