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CipUX Deploy Project

The CipUX Deploy Project has the aim to provide a roll out solution for different client operating systems controlled by the administrator via configuration files and/or CAT.


[A] Simple FAI roll out for Linux

  • [:CipUX/Feature/Deploy/FAI]

[B] FAI roll out of generic XEN servers

  • [:CipUX/Feature/Deploy/FAI]
  • [:CipUX/Feature/Deploy/Xen]

[C] Rugged Dual Boot Concept FAI-XEN-CipUX

There are several to developed features involved in this project:

  • [:CipUX/Feature/Deploy/FAI]
  • [:CipUX/Feature/Deploy/Xen]
  • [:CipUX/Feature/Deploy/AutoReinstall]
  • [:CipUX/Feature/Deploy/DemandReinstall]