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Monday 25th June

Start time: 2007-06-25 20:10h

End time: 2007-06-25 21:17h


  • jever = Jürgen Leibner
  • C14r = Christian Kuelker
  • rft = Roland Teichert
  • azmaeve = Christophe Goessen



Weekly Report on CipuxPHP (Christophe Goessen)

Last week the CipUX package was created. It works. The last week and this week some paperwork for the university will be done. The plan for this week are also to integrate the automatic build of cipuxPHP into the CipUX build server. If the automatic build is working we can search for some testers. Maybe from the Moodle community.

Report on the Buildserver (Juergen Leibner)

Juergen Liebner plans to finish the build server script this week. He has to be finished next week.

Buildserver Lintian Warnings (Juergen Leibner)

The Lintian warnings due to missing source tar will be solved in new script this week or may be next week.

Documentation Project

Roland Teichert has no internet connection within his Skolelinux network. After Internet connection works, he will install CipUX and work on the documentation.

Juegren Leibner reports on the documentation project homepage doc.cipux.org. (1) the PDF export is faulty and (2) the icons for languages should be changed to be better suited ones. At last (3) there should some minor problems which can be found by looking over the site.

The PDF problem seems to corresponding to the old Drupal version. Juergen will read the discussions on drupal.org to be informed about possible solution for the PDF export.

Next Meeting

will be held on this Channel 2007-07-02 at 20:00h CET.


  • We have a real life CipUX Meeting: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianE du/CipUX/Meeting/2C2007

  • Wee will meet un Wednesday 19:00 at #cipux to help Roland Teichert.

Todo the next 7 days

This week:


writing this summary



creating next meeting page



integrate cipuxPHP into build server run


integrate cipuxPHP into build server run


finish build server script


fix Lintian warning


fix PDF problem with doc.cipworx.org


fix Drupal flag problem


fix some minor Drupal /doc.cipux.org problems


fix networking problems


install CipUX