Pre meeting log

19:15 <@jever> C14r: no, I submitted no timetable, I think
19:16 <@jever> no
19:16 < C14r> ok,he should ask you!
19:17 < C14r> The thing is the following ...
19:17 <@jever> I looked at the svn an recognized what he done
19:17 < azmaeve__> sorry I forgot...
19:17 <@jever> hi azmaeve__
19:17 < azmaeve__> hi jever
19:17 < C14r> azmaeve__: youcan try now.
19:17 <@jever> don't worry
19:19 < C14r> azmaeve__: so you are not conviced?
19:21 < C14r> jever: ;-) in this case: no
19:21 <@jever> I know ;-)
19:21 < azmaeve__> hum... so what do you mean by correct src?
19:21 < C14r> azmaeve__: you are using your won debian dir ....
19:22 < C14r> That is why ot is not working automaticall, as like for the other 20 packages ...
19:22 <@jever> azmaeve__: have a look into the paths beside your source path
19:27 <@jever> .../trunk/cipux-addon/Makefile seems not to carry your package
19:29 < C14r> jever: yes, of course not, he is using his own debian directory!
19:30 < azmaeve__> my makfile is in cipux-addon/cat-moodle/ I think...
19:31 < C14r>  yes.
19:31 < azmaeve__> but there's a problem because of the cipuxPHP2/cipuxPHP directory
19:31 < azmaeve__> cipuxPHP2 should be cipuxPHP et cipuxPHP shouldn't exist...
19:32 < C14r> ok, can you correct that?
19:32 < azmaeve__> and I d'ont know if it is still important to him
19:33 < C14r> he did this because I sugessted it
19:33 < azmaeve__> C14r: :)
19:34 < C14r> problem (2) is that the build of you package is not triggered by the buildserver
19:35 <@jever> C14r: No, it is, because buildserver scans the folders for relevant buildtargets
19:35 < C14r> jever: he does?
19:35 <@jever> he handles the first depths of folders as targets
19:36 < C14r> what is the criteria for a target?
19:36 < C14r> so the rule is: "a target is a debian dir in the first level" <_ ok?
19:36 <@jever> ok
19:37 < azmaeve__> the debian dir in cat-moodle is from the old package of xoswald
19:37 < C14r> azmaeve__: aha
19:37 < C14r> azmaeve__: and where is yours?
19:37 < azmaeve__> hum I hav it here I can upload it
19:37 < C14r> you are funny! ;)
19:38 < azmaeve__> what's funny?
19:38 < C14r> how should we build a package without valid debian dir?
19:39 < C14r> so we should think about uploading all relevant parts to good localtions ...
19:40 < C14r> So jever for what solution are you a) or b) ?
19:40 < C14r> So azmaeve__ for what solution are you a) or b) ?
19:40 < azmaeve__> oki but what is the good location?
19:40 < C14r> azmaeve__: that we have to find out by our discussion :)
19:40 < C14r> (Since I am not the writer of the build server script)
19:41 <@jever> yes, if we don't want to mix up all future packages, we can split taht up
19:41 < azmaeve__> ok
19:41 < C14r> one reason why I suggest a sub foulde to cat-moodle was:
19:41 <@jever> now we have core and addon
19:41 < C14r> we might have more CipUX moodle modules in the future ...
19:42 <@jever> we schould not throw all future packages in plain addon
19:42 <@jever> so under addon we can split up
19:42 < C14r> that is what I thought
19:42 < C14r> what do you suggest in detail?
19:43 <@jever> there is a cat-webmin and a cat-moodle
19:43 < C14r> yes cat-webmin is a package
19:44 < C14r> cat-moodle is at the moment the "moodle-cipux" package
19:44 < C14r> jever: that could be a good idea!
19:44 < C14r> jever: do you think that works?
19:44 <@jever> but, if it grows, ther have to be a big search
19:44 < C14r> right
19:45 < C14r> hw is the search implemented now?
19:45 < C14r> azmaeve__: that is ok
19:45 < C14r> azmaeve__: do you have signed cipux-commits mailing list?
19:46 <@jever> C14r: for package in `ls "${TRUNKDIR}"` ...
19:48 < C14r> jever: what is the problem?
19:49 < C14r> azmaeve__: here:
19:49 <@jever> To make the script as genius as me ;-)
19:50 < C14r> jever: so do you think a find will do it? (it list up all files)
19:50 < C14r> jever: no this super computer is not really intelligent ...
19:51 <@jever> a find with some array functions will do all we need
19:51 < C14r> is this not to complex?
19:52 < C14r> find ${TRUNKDIR} |egrep -e 'debian$' > build.list
19:52 < C14r> is easier, or not?
19:52 < C14r> you can add a "type" to find, to list only directories ...
19:53 <@jever> but I will not use files to remember such information
19:53 < C14r> oh
19:53 < C14r> ok
19:53 < C14r> then:
19:54 < C14r> BUILD_LIST = 'find ${TRUNKDIR} -type d  |egrep -e 'debian$''
19:54 < C14r> -type d is pseudo code!
19:54 < C14r> and I have no backticks on this keyboard ... :-/
19:54 < C14r> for b in BUILD_LIST; do ...; done
19:55 < azmaeve__> I uploaded the debian and the patched makefile
19:55 < C14r> azmaeve__: ok, good!
19:55 < C14r> jever: do you need somthing else from azmaeve__ ?
19:55 <@jever> azmaeve__: so register quickly to commits list
19:56 <@jever> no
19:56 < C14r> jever: ok

Meeting log

19:57 < C14r> azmaeve__: would you like to try to moderate the meeting?
19:57 < C14r> jever: will you provide the log?
19:58 < azmaeve__> jever:I'm registered
19:58 < C14r> azmaeve__: :)
19:59 < C14r> jever: now you have no excuse ... azmaeve__ is singned in ;-)
20:00 < azmaeve__> C14r: hum I don't know I do not have good relation with power ^^'
20:00 < C14r> electric power, political power?
19:58 < azmaeve__> jever:I'm registered
19:58 < C14r> azmaeve__: :)
19:59 < C14r> jever: now you have no excuse ... azmaeve__ is singned in ;-)
20:00 < azmaeve__> C14r: hum I don't know I do not have good relation with power ^^'
20:00 < C14r> electric power, political power?
20:01 < C14r> azmaeve__: have a look, ok?
20:02 < azmaeve__> ok
20:03 < C14r> great :) we wait for you ...
20:03 < C14r> azmaeve__: so just follow those steps ...
20:06 < C14r> look 8 lines above ;-)
20:06 < C14r> (you are just reading the page)
20:08 < C14r> in this caht
20:08 < C14r> in this chat
20:09 < azmaeve__> this page ?
20:09 < C14r> yes
20:10 < C14r> ok, please proceed with 3)
20:10 < azmaeve__> Let's start the meeting
20:11 < C14r> :)
20:11 < azmaeve__> I can't set the topic name
20:12 < C14r> ups
20:12 < C14r> jever: can you give him the right?
20:12 -!- Topic for #CipUX: Next cipux meeting, 18/06/2007 at 20:00 CET
20:12 -!- Topic set by ChanServ [] [Sat Jun 23 07:18:00 2007]
20:13 < C14r> jever: can you /op C14r?
20:13 -!- mode/#CipUX [+o C14r] by jever
20:14 -!- mode/#CipUX [+o azmaeve__] by C14r
20:14 <@C14r> azmaeve__: now you can set set topic, please proceede
20:14 <@azmaeve__> oki
20:16 <@azmaeve__> Who provid log?
20:17 <@C14r> I can't, sorry
20:18  * jever will provide the log
20:18 <@azmaeve__> ok and who will write the summary?
20:20 <@C14r> me
20:20  * jever = J├╝rgen Leibner
20:20  * C14r Christian Kuelker
20:21  * rft =Roland Teichert
20:21  * azmaeve__ Christophe Goessen
20:22 <@azmaeve__> so first point :Preceeding of CipUX III
20:24 <@jever> maybe, we should do this point later, when xoswald is alive?
20:24 <@azmaeve__> yes good idea
20:24 <@C14r> :)
20:24 -!- azmaeve__ changed the topic of #CipUX to: Weekly Report on CipuxPHP
20:25 <@azmaeve__> CipUX package is working?
20:26 <@C14r> I dont know, but I guess we should wait for jever to implemnt the changes
20:26 <@azmaeve__> yes
20:26 <@C14r> azmaeve__: so what did you do for cipuxPHP last week, what are your plans?
20:28 <@azmaeve__> so this was part of what I made last week and what I will do this week
20:29 <@azmaeve__> last week I also did the cipuxphp packaging but we already knows this
20:29 <@C14r> ok
20:30 <@C14r> But this is for the summary :)
20:31 <@C14r> then we can find some testers.
20:31 <@azmaeve__> ok
20:31 <@C14r> The developers of moodle are here in Berlin, so maybe we can ask one of them.
20:32 <@azmaeve__> that sounds great
20:32 <@C14r> azmaeve__: do you know the status of the documentation of stragama1 ?
20:33 <@C14r> azmaeve__: do you have screenshots?
20:33 <@C14r> ok
20:34 <@C14r> ok I have no questions for today, jever, rft you?
20:34 <@jever> my timetable gives me about a week to finish work on new script
20:34 <@C14r> jever: cool!
20:35 <@jever> so I have to finish in next week
20:35 < rft> I have no questions
20:35 <@C14r> azmaeve__: can you proceed?
20:35 <@jever> then vacancy at baltic sea for four weeks
20:35 <@C14r> jever: no internet?
20:36 -!- azmaeve__ changed the topic of #CipUX to: Buildserver Lintian Warnings
20:36 <@azmaeve__> jever up to you
20:36 <@C14r> :)
20:36 <@jever> only one answer: will be solved in new script ;-)
20:37 <@azmaeve__> oki
20:37 <@C14r> this week?
20:37 <@jever> may be, but may be next weekend
20:38 <@C14r> ok, cool :)
20:38 <@C14r> no questions
20:38 <@jever> I only can work on it after work in the evening and then I'm mostly tired
20:38 <@C14r> jever: how can we cheer you up?
20:39 <@jever> give me wine, women and music ;-)
20:39 <@jever> might be better beer
20:41 <@azmaeve__> ok that's all?
20:42 <@jever> yes
20:42 <@C14r> jever, we can think abou that ...
20:42 <@C14r> azmaeve__: yes
20:43 <@azmaeve__> C14r:owner of others topic don't seem to be here
20:43 <@C14r> Roland is here
20:44 <@jever> rft: ping
20:44 < rft> yes
20:44 < rft> pong
20:44 <@azmaeve__> sorry I forget that line ^^'
20:44 -!- azmaeve__ changed the topic of #CipUX to: Documentation Project
20:44 <@azmaeve__> up to you rft
20:45 < rft> my tjener is running with a thinclient but he has not internetconnection
20:46 < rft> I tried last week to get an overview about serveradministration
20:47 < rft> I ask jever, but he didn't answer :-(
20:47 < rft> that is the situation
20:47 <@jever> rft: sorry, I didn't noticed
20:48 < rft> yes I think so, I tried to find a solution by myself
20:48 < rft> I've read the text from Petter
20:48 <@jever> did you asked me on chat or by mail?
20:49 <@jever> uuh, hope I don't deleted it as spam
20:49 < rft> I'm sure. I made a little mistake
20:50 < rft> ok, I write you a mail again
20:50 <@jever> thanks
20:50 <@C14r> we will find a solution per mail or in chat.
20:50 < rft> I thank you
20:50 < rft> after this, I will install CipUx and continue my work
20:50 <@C14r> ok, this was "actual status of Rolands infrastructure"
20:50 < rft> yes
20:51 <@C14r> and "what is the status of the project", I guess ...
20:51 <@C14r> so azmaeve__ what will be left ;-)
20:51 < rft> in progress :-)
20:51 <@azmaeve__> and "what fixes have to be done"
20:51 <@jever> there are several ones
20:52 <@jever> 1) pdfexport is faulty
20:52 <@jever> 2) icons for languages have to be better
20:53 <@jever> 3) some minor lookabouts have to be done
20:53 <@jever> that's all
20:53 <@C14r> what is a "lookabout"?
20:53 <@jever> but I don't think that pdf export with drupal tools can be managed well
20:54 <@jever> look at all pages and see what should be done better
20:54 <@C14r> jever: ok
20:54 <@C14r> jever: how we can help you?
20:54 <@jever> so for pdf export a better way has to be found
20:55 <@C14r> ok
20:55 <@jever> there are some discussions on drupal, I followed, so there are people who know
20:55 <@C14r> ok, so TODO is to search ...
20:55 <@jever> I have to be part of that discoussions to get knowledge
20:56 <@C14r> jever: wouldhelp other infrastructure?
20:56 <@jever> and then implement their solutions
20:56 <@jever> no a new php class seems to be the only thing that helps realy
20:57 <@jever> there are some who have done such a class
20:57 <@C14r> If you think, you will manage that, I can consider a server migration.
20:57 <@jever> I try, but first I have to investigate
20:58 <@C14r> yes, sure.
20:58 <@jever> one problem seems to be that the drupal is an old version we drive
20:58 <@C14r> yes
20:59 <@C14r> jever: do you have a drupal testsytem at home?
20:59 <@jever> so, maybe we have to go ahead to newer drupal to get some things getting well
20:59 <@jever> yes, I have, but it is off since some weeks
21:00 <@jever> the investigation for drupal will eat to much time
21:01 <@jever> I have set rss feeds to that discussions
21:01 <@jever> to keep up to date
21:02 <@jever> that's all to this point
21:03 <@azmaeve__> ok
21:04 <@azmaeve__> xoswald is not here
21:05 <@azmaeve__> oki
21:05 <@C14r> ok
21:06 <@azmaeve__> so next meeting monday 2
21:06 <@jever> mom
21:06 <@azmaeve__> stragaman won't be present I think
21:07 <@C14r> if you are present, that ok, or not?
21:08 <@jever> Mo. 02.07.2007 doesn't met my timetable :(
21:08 <@C14r> jever: yes we know, LUG ...
21:08 <@C14r> @jever you can write a mail with a short report?
21:08 <@jever> yes, I will be in TZ in GT
21:08 <@C14r> in the TZ, then you have internet :)
21:09 <@jever> no, beer
21:09 <@C14r> may be you can join for 15 min or so?
21:09 <@jever> no, TZ will be closed, I met nice LUG people not k4x ;-)
21:10 <@C14r> Then you are not in the TZ.
21:10 -!- azmaeve__ changed the topic of #CipUX to: next CipUX meeting 2007-07-02
21:10 <@jever> yes ;-)
21:10 <@C14r> ok, you can send the report.
21:10 < rft> for me it would be ok, 2007/07/02
21:10 < rft> same time same place,same chair
21:10 <@C14r> about buildserver status and documentation project.
21:10 <@C14r> rft: great!
21:11 < rft> jever: I sent you a mail
21:11 <@C14r> jever: I guess it might be a good thing to continue the doc stuff via mailing lis
21:11 < rft> for me it is easier in the moment
21:12 <@C14r> rft: easyer as what?
21:12 < rft> as IRC
21:12 <@C14r> well well
21:12 <@jever> rft: mailing list would be the best, because there are more helper
21:12 <@C14r> the network problem is normally a realtime debug task ...
21:13 <@jever> yes
21:13 <@C14r> rft: jever are right, because more people see more.
21:13 < rft> but first I need some basic skills
21:13  * jever doesn't know all, he is NOT C14r or god ;-)
21:14 <@C14r> lol
21:15  * C14r thinks rft dont need skills, he will get skills by mailing list.
21:15  * jever is only a *beginner*
21:15 <@C14r> anyway
21:15 < rft> I think after the Youngstermeeting I will be an expert
21:15 <@C14r> we should gibe azmaeve__ the opportunity to close the official part of the meetin
g, we are 15 min over!
21:16 <@jever> yes
21:16 < rft> ok
21:17 <@azmaeve__> so the meeting is close
21:17 <@C14r> rft: by the way we have a real life CipUX Meeting:
21:18 < rft> oui oui, je sais
21:18 < rft> nous nous rencontre a berlin
21:19 <@C14r> azmaeve__: point 15) is very important!