Monday 11th June

Start time: 2007-06-11 20:01h

End time: 2007-06-11 21:04h




Preceding of CipUX (XavierOswald)

Status: Debconf work now and is asking a question. It needs some cleanup, but the basic files are created, lintian warnings should be removed in the future. After that, Xavier will do the preceding things with debconf

Plan: Our plan, is to put in the wiki all needed questions that should be preceded in the future.

Question will debconf use ncurses? Answer: yes

Weekly Report on CipuxPHP (JeanCharlesSiegel & ChristopheGoessen)

Status: We think,the most part will be finished tomorrow and then some details have be to solved.

Plan: We are trying to write a good install script. The next step will be to make a pakage of cipuxPHP. We have a Debian packaging lesson next week. Sven Luther will come to Forbach to teach Debian packaging. But we can try to start this week.

Question will you write an install Guide? Answer: (stragaman): yes Answer: (azmaeve) I think a new CipuxPHP developer doc would be nice due to PHP5 things

Question xoswald would be happy to have a security management documentation and how security is handled in cipuxPHP Answer: (Stragamsn): ok Remark (C14r): Lets say we would like to have a description on how the internals work, so we can have a look and improve security if necessary. So we need a description that explains what will happen with a user request from coming from a webrowser until RPC server call is executed. Remark: (xoswald) if security is well handled I could be able to upload it into Debian.

Userselfadmin (ChristianKuelker, WolfgangDrotschmann)

We would like to introduce you Wolfgang, who was the guy who wrote the first draft of Userselfadmin. First Wolfgang has to get a working CipUX version on his desktop. He will try to manage this until Thursday evening. Next week He will began to work on that. Wolfgang give us a report about his new infrastructure next week.

CipUX Database Abstraction Layer (ChristianKuelker)

Status: C14r wrote a draft documentation (specification) for the LDAP abstraction layer using Net :: LDAP instead of command line tool.

Plan: C14r would like to try the first implementation of CipUX::LDAP.

Question (lwowl) You have a piece of text about this task? Answer: yes. A draft will be put in SVN and C14r write a mail on cipux-devel

Question (xoswald) Is Net:LDAP is for authentication? Answer: no, it will replace the scripts under .../lal/...

Question (C14r): Should we only support LDAP or other Databases too, like Mysql to store CipUX Objects? If we provide other databases too, we can define additional data sources. And maybe we can provide be a mixture: users in LDAP, FAI data in MySQL ... all get/set over generic CipUX commands. What do you folks think?Asnwer: (lwowl): Good to have possibilities for other DB Answer:(jever) the possibility of having other databases should be there, but it should not be use now

Question (jever) can it be implemented like something as a plug-in? As in: ldap-db-module, mysql-db-module and so on? Answer: (C14r) I think the conf file should dispatch where the data is stored. Yes that is what I am asking, if we should have this ...

Just a thinking during the meeting (Xavier Oswald)

Xavier is thinking about presenting each people in the team with setting a page in the wiki and then each person involved in cipux present his self and what he is doing in CipUX Since we are a growing team, it would make the responsabilities of each person clear. Presenting the whole team in one wiki page not 1 page per person

Agree: stragaman, C14r, lwowl, (probably jever)

Suggestion: (jever) may one put in a link to the sites, where his wiki-home is?

Answer: this is possible, but the relevant thing is to say what you are doing in the CipUX team

CipUX Buildserver Migration (JuergenLeibner)

Migrating the build server was done on Friday. It was for months at my home. He is now working at Skolelinux Testzentrum in Guetersloh. He usually is up 24/365 and updates every 1/2h The script, which blames me now in SVN, has to be nice up and corrected. There has to be made some changes to the script to avoid warnings I will rewrite it and ask xoswald to check in this week

Question (@C14r) How we announce the existing of the build server? Because it is now a 24/365 service, we can announce it

Jever: writes a mail about the Build server

C14r: crates a page for the Build server

Next Meeting

  • Next CipUX meeting, 18/06/2007 at 20:00 CET


lazyb0y will give report about CipUX-FAI integration after debconf


This week:


writing this summary



write questions to:

xoswald or lwowl

crate a CipUX Team page

stragaman and azmaeve

install script

stragaman and azmaeve

package for cipuxPHP


CipUX devel infrastructure


upload DB-Abstraction Layer draft to SVN


write a mail about draft on cipux-devel


add himself to CipUX Team page


add himself to CipUX Team page


add himself to CipUX Team page


writes a mail about the Build server


crates a wiki page for the Build server

Next week

stragaman and azmaeve

package for cipuxPHP

stragaman and azmaeve

lesson on packaging


start of devel CipUX Userselfadmin

Time Not specified

stragaman and azmaeve

developer doc

stragaman and azmaeve

install guide

stragaman and azmaeve

function specification


upload of cipuxPHP to Debian, if function spec. doc exists