Monday 4th june

Start time: 2007-06-04 : : h

End time: 2007-06-04 : : h



1. Report CipUXPHP (Jean-CharlesSiegel, ChristopheGoessen)


First test under Debian 4.0 and svn CipUX seems good. CipuxPHP test on Debian etch in progress, should be claimed "etch compatible" and upgraded by the end of the week.

2. Report Linuxtag 2007 Berlin (ChristianKuelker)

Linux Tag 2007 in Berlin

?NewMemberProcess: This is not CipUX, but a good thing to know. The German team do have revision 2.0 of the newMember process. We skip lot of task which made it impossible to take care of new people. The new process is now a lot easier for both: the applicant and the board of application: (sorry only German)


New Ideas:

LTSP: I met a lot of people at the Linux Tag. One was Oliver form LTSP and we talked about LTSP 5. The goal is to make Thin Clients configurable with CipUX. We found a way that LTSP could be obey LDAP by writing a plug-in module for LTSP. The next step will be to take a concept.

FAI: Then I met Henning from FAI. The goal is to roll out Skolelinux Workstation with CipUX. We discussed a way in which FAI can be LDAP driven. This could be done by a LDAP CLI switch.

3. Plans for week 23 (XavierOswald)

4. Next Meeting

Problems, Time drain related to CipUX