19:58 <@C14r> The CipUX Meeting starts now
19:59 <@C14r> Please intruduce yourself with /me Firstname Lastname
19:59 * C14r Christian Kuelker
19:59 * stragaman Jean-Charles Siegel
19:59 * Idefix Sebastian Friedel
20:00 < azmaeve> Christophe Goessen
20:00 <@C14r> The Agenda can be seen at: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/CipUX/Meeting/20070528
20:00 -!- waaam (~waam@ANancy-155-1-65-173.w90-26.abo.wanadoo.fr) joins #CipUX
20:00 < waaam> hello
20:01 * xoswald Xavier Oswald
20:01 <@C14r> waaam: hello, you are just inside a meeting, Would you like to attend?
20:01 < stragaman> waaam, Please intruduce yourself with /me Firstname Lastname
20:01 <@xoswald> lol
20:02 < stragaman> waaam, yes, in english please 
20:02 <@C14r> anyway
20:02 < waaam> my name is Falvo Philippe
20:02 < waaam> I'm 19 years old
20:02 < waaam> I live in France
20:03 < stragaman> waaam, its ok 
20:03 <@C14r> Jever will not attend the meeting, is on the road somewhere in Germany.
20:03 <@xoswald> ok
20:03 <@C14r> Binar is lost in his study ...
20:03 <@xoswald> me too
20:03 <@C14r> So ot is a good policy for those who can not attend, to drop me a mail.
20:03 * stragaman says waaam works on moodle 
20:04 <@C14r> ok
20:04 <@xoswald> well, should I begin then ?
20:04 <@C14r> yes 
20:04 <@xoswald> ok, I will paste what I have prepared
20:04 -!- C14r changed the topic of #CipUX to: CipUX meeting in progress: oskar64: next stable version for testing and release
20:04 <@xoswald> (1) What drain my time ? Im working with other debian team (Im thinking about parted), Im in the New
20:04 <@xoswald> Maintainer process and have to reply to lot of questions from my Applicant
20:04 <@xoswald> Manager and the most important, I have Uni exam from tomorow for 1 week.
20:04 <@xoswald> And finally something important, my social life with my girlfriend(this take
20:04 <@xoswald> a lot of time) ;)
20:05 <@C14r> keep it short ;-)
20:05 <@xoswald> this is short ;)
20:05 <@xoswald> I continu
20:05 <@C14r> ok, status?
20:05 <@xoswald> (2) Actual status of my work ?
20:05 <@xoswald> The cipux debian package is in a 'not so bad' shape I think but not enough to
20:05 <@xoswald> enter into debian for now.
20:05 <@xoswald> What should be done is to be able to preceed cipux questions and that is the
20:05 <@xoswald> next thing I will work on.
20:05 <@xoswald> On think that I don't is which cipux upstream version is stable enough to enter
20:05 <@xoswald> to etch. If none for now please tag a version in the future and tell me, this
20:05 <@xoswald> version is stable enough you can work on it to get this version into debian.
20:06 <@xoswald> oh, I made some mistake dual thing thinking :/
20:06 <@C14r> I think it will be 3.4
20:06 <@xoswald> ok
20:06 <@xoswald> (3) My plan for the next week ?
20:06 <@xoswald> I have Uni exam for one week so not that much ;)
20:06 <@xoswald> that for my part
20:07 <@C14r> ok.
20:07 <@C14r> So Xavier say a sentence on the next stable version
20:07 <@C14r> What is your criteria for that?
20:08 < stragaman> what is the problem whith this version 
20:08 <@xoswald> C14r: I see in the TODO list lot of things half done and I don't want that in a debian package 
20:08 < stragaman> xoswald, ok
20:08 <@C14r> it must be more stable for debian in terms of package
20:08 < stragaman> ok
20:09 <@C14r> xoswald: you are right
20:09 <@C14r> everything wich is projected for 3.4 should be done
20:09 <@C14r> before we put that into debian.
20:09 < stragaman> but cipux is stable , it's just the package whitch is not stable 
20:09 <@C14r> "stable" means the API
20:10 <@C14r> not if its chrashes
20:10 <@xoswald> C14r: one think I want is if we made the 3.4 release we should work on this version some times to have a very stable version ( correcting bugs, test, translation ..)
20:10 <@C14r> CipUX normally do not crash
20:10 <@xoswald> hehe
20:11 <@C14r> xoswald: yes translation is very important
20:11 <@C14r> if the strings changed it can not be translated
20:11 <@xoswald> C14r: and when we release 3.4 I will do the live CD
20:11 <@C14r> ok, that sounds nice!
20:11 < Idefix> live CD? sounds interesting :)
20:11 <@C14r> yes I will join :)
20:12 <@C14r> stragaman: if you work now for 3.2.16 or 3.4, for you it should be the same, since you are using only RPC API.
20:12 < stragaman> ok
20:12 <@C14r> The RPC server is mostly stable
20:12 <@C14r> CAT is not stable
20:13 < stragaman> C14r, ok
20:13 <@C14r> stragaman: but you make your own CAT, so it is not you problem
20:13 <@C14r> ok, nect topic?
20:13 <@xoswald> Well that was for my part, we should improve the organisation of the cipux development and not only implemant thing every times
20:13 <@C14r> xoswald: yes!
20:13 < stragaman> so i think i will continu ??
20:14 <@C14r> ok stragaman please
20:14 -!- C14r changed the topic of #CipUX to: Jean-Charles Siegel & Christophe Goessen: Moodle, Report
20:14 < stragaman> 1) what was the problems => problem with the installation of CipUX under Etch, 
20:15 <@C14r> ok
20:15 < stragaman> i didn't make installation like this before 
20:15 < stragaman> but its interesting 
20:16 < stragaman> (2) what is the status
20:16 < stragaman> At this time CipUX is installed on my pc, and runs under Etch :) 
20:16 < stragaman> (3) what are the plans for next week
20:16 < stragaman> Try to « update » cipuxPHP for the new version of CipUX
20:16 < stragaman> 1.install moodle, mysql-server, PHP5 (everything for develop cipuxPHP) => azmaeve 
20:16 < stragaman> 2.try to use cipuxPHP (old version with etch)
20:16 < stragaman> 3.update cipuxPHP if it is needed
20:17 <@C14r> ok, so you are going from the old version to the new one?
20:17 < stragaman> this afternoon azmaeve and me have some problems to install php5 , mysQLserver
20:17 < azmaeve> but it's fixed :)
20:17 <@C14r> great!
20:18 < stragaman> C14r, yes we are going from the old version to the new one
20:18 <@C14r> ok
20:18 <@xoswald> stragaman: you take care that you are using the same apache and same way that cat-php is working so you will be able to have both running and not configure apache in another way
20:19 <@C14r> I think there should not be a problem
20:19 <@C14r> cipux-cat-web brings its own directory and its own configuration
20:19 <@xoswald> I think so, but it's so easy to make things in different way..
20:19 <@C14r> yes, so after installation stragaman you could check if cipux.cat.web is still ok?
20:20 < stragaman> C14r, just to be sure, cipux-cat-web uses apache2 ?
20:20 <@C14r> it can use both
20:20 <@C14r> it dosnt matter
20:20 <@C14r> azmaeve: would you give us a short report?
20:20 < stragaman> C14r, after each installation i try if cipux-cat-web are still running
20:21 < Idefix> it should not matter as long as the webserver can execute cgi scripts, right?
20:21 <@C14r> Idefix: right
20:21 <@C14r> stragaman: once a week is enought 
20:21 <@C14r> Idefix: stragaman is famous for breaking things ;-)
20:22 < Idefix> :D
20:22 < stragaman> C14r, hum.....maybe yes :D 
20:22 < waaam> i agree
20:22 <@C14r> :D
20:22 <@C14r> azmaeve: would you give us a short report?
20:22 <@xoswald> hehe
20:22 < stragaman> azmaeve, you want to say something ??
20:22 < stragaman> i make also BREAK dance 
20:22 <@C14r> eports might written in advance (this save time):
20:22 <@C14r>     *
20:22 <@C14r>       (1) what drain my time
20:22 <@C14r>       (2) actual status of my work
20:22 <@C14r>       (3) my plan for next week
20:23 <@C14r> s/eports/reports/
20:23 < azmaeve> I think everythings is told
20:23 <@C14r> ok
20:23 * stragaman enfonce son point entre les fesse de waaam :D
20:23 <@xoswald> ohhh
20:23 <@C14r> ok then I would like to mention somthing
20:24 <@C14r> the RPC can now give answers as (1) string, (2) as hash, (3) as array. I think hash is new for you stragaman
20:24 < stragaman> C14r, yes 
20:25 <@C14r> in perl this matters, I am not sure if this is different for PHP
20:25 <@C14r> we have API documentation
20:26 <@C14r> http://man.cipux.org/
20:26 <@C14r> I will update this this week, remind me if not. I will be busy.
20:26 < stragaman> ok
20:27 <@C14r> You should also now that there are new CipUX Task commands, please have a look at: cipux_task_*_cat* comannds
20:28 <@C14r> ok this for now.
20:28 <@C14r> next?
20:28 < Idefix> ok, then i will continue
20:28 -!- C14r changed the topic of #CipUX to: C14r: translation
20:28 -!- C14r changed the topic of #CipUX to: Sebiastian Friedel: Report on his work
20:28 <@C14r> Idefix: ok
20:28 < Idefix> i'll keep it short ;)
20:28 < Idefix> (1) what am i doing?
20:28 < Idefix> I try to install CipUX 3.2.16 on Skolelinux 2.0 (sarge) and document the process. 
20:28 < Idefix> (2) status?
20:28 < Idefix> After a few problems with backports and cipux-rpc I'm now struggling to get cipux-cat-web working, but everything else seems to run just fine. 
20:28 < Idefix> (3) plans? I don't know wheather i will have much time for this next week, but if I do, I will continue with cipux-cat-web and testing of thin clients under this setup :)
20:29 <@C14r> ok, that is nice!
20:29 <@C14r> Could we help you in one way or the other?
20:30 < Idefix> C14r: maybe when i try to debug why cipux-cat-web fails
20:30 <@C14r> ok
20:30 <@C14r> np
20:31 <@C14r> So we will have CipUX running on Etch and sarge afterwards, this is a good news.
20:31 <@C14r> Idefix: do you have plan for user migration?
20:32 < Idefix> C14r: no, not for now, my starting point is a clean installation
20:32 <@C14r> ok
20:32 <@C14r> In case that; contact Georg Damm on the Mailing list
20:32 < Idefix> lets see how or if it runs at all first on a clean install ;)
20:32 <@C14r> :)
20:33 <@C14r> some questions, comments?
20:33 < stragaman> euh....
20:33 <@xoswald> I will do some test too
20:33 <@C14r> :) great!
20:33 <@xoswald> I will test sarge, etch and unstable i386 and ppc
20:34 <@C14r> xoswald: with quemu?
20:35 <@xoswald> i386 on a plain debian and ppc with qemu
20:35 <@C14r> jever set up a CipUX build server who was testing install on etch. We can thing with him together automating this process.
20:35 <@xoswald> yep
20:35 <@C14r> ok!
20:35 <@C14r> some questions, comments?
20:36 <@xoswald> next meeting ?
20:36 < stragaman> next meeting ?
20:36 <@C14r> ok when
20:36 <@C14r> next week monday, ok?
20:36 <@xoswald> ok for me
20:36 < stragaman> ok
20:36 <@C14r> for mee to
20:36 < Idefix> ok
20:37 <@C14r> as long stragaman and azmaeve is working on PHP, we should meet more often, afterwards we can reduce this for summer
20:37 <@C14r> so monday
20:37 <@C14r> 20:00h CET, ok?
20:37 < stragaman> ok
20:37 -!- xoswald changed the topic of #CipUX to: next meeting monday 04/06/2007 at 20h00 CET
20:37 <@C14r> ok, do you write the mail xoswald ;-)
20:38 <@C14r> I will crate the page :)
20:38 <@xoswald> C14r: ok
20:38 < stragaman> and i have to write the summary of these page
20:38 <@xoswald> C14r: ping me when you are ready
20:38 <@C14r> xoswald: ok
20:38 <@xoswald> C14r: tomorow should be ok
20:38 <@C14r> But I would also like to say someting what I have done this week :)
20:38 <@C14r> (1) drains: over 30 degress and too many support questions ;-) locale (2) status: work on CAT in progress, missing modules: Userselfadmin, Examadmin, Internetadmin. Not well tested modules Import, Netgroupadmin (3) plans:  work on CAT Userselfadmin next week.
20:38 <@xoswald> C14r: go ahead !
20:39 <@C14r> so some are stable some not.
20:39 <@C14r> Report New/Old Features: In this week I add a new field in LDAP wich include a sorted List of CAT modules. This list is consultesd when a cipux_task*_cat_module command is executed. The results will be ordered output according that List. The goal is, that user can decide in cipuxadmin module the order of CAT module. That was a wish by some users.
20:39 <@xoswald> great
20:39 <@C14r> this is not realy new. it is just a beter ,ethod wich was possible in 3.0.0
20:40 <@C14r> Translation: The translation can be started, when the first modules of CAT are stable. But on my Etch it is not posible to set the locale to de for example. But this is possible for root. So if anyone can help in debugging this, this would be great.
20:40 <@C14r> Do someone have knowledge about locale?
20:41 < stragaman> no
20:41 <@C14r> :/
20:41 <@C14r> So we have to fix that somehow under etch
20:41 < Idefix> C14r: maybe we find some time for this when i'm at berlin starting of tomorrow ;)
20:41 <@C14r> Idefix: if you have cat warking, you can tell us if you can switch it to German?
20:42 <@C14r> Idefix: ok!
20:42 <@C14r> Idefix: you are in LinuxTag?
20:42 < Idefix> C14r: sure ;)
20:42 <@xoswald> C14r: I don't understant your locale problem !
20:42 <@C14r> So we can meet :)
20:42 <@C14r> xoswald: set locale to C is working for root and apache user
20:43 <@C14r> set to "de" is working for root, but not for apache user
20:43 <@C14r> so the webserver user cant set the locate for teh CGI
20:43 <@xoswald> It's linked to your browser I think
20:44 <@C14r> My browser is on a different machine ...
20:44 <@xoswald> the right way is to set up the browser with the locale you want, it's not depending with the system
20:44 -!- waaam is now known as waam
20:45 <@C14r> xoswald: well, that is not the wy it works for CGIs
20:45 <@C14r> If you are on Japanese System but want have a German CAT, you should just be able to choose it.
20:45 <@C14r> Then the CGI sets the locale
20:46 <@xoswald> ok, yes I have not remember cgi's things :/
20:46 <@xoswald> but maybe this is not related to cipux
20:46 <@C14r> Yes so there is languages choose in CAT (now).
20:47 <@C14r> No may be not, but I cant test language on etch ...
20:47 <@C14r> Ok, I think the problem is more or less clear, so we can close the meeting?
20:47 <@xoswald> C14r: I will test this problem .. 
20:47 <@C14r> ok
20:47 <@C14r> please a.s.p.
20:48 <@xoswald> oh
20:48 <@xoswald> hmm
20:48 <@C14r> Idefix: you are welcome too, xoswald has no much time this week ;-)
20:48 <@xoswald> stragaman: maybe you could have a look
20:48 <@xoswald> you have lot of time for cipux every days
20:48 < Idefix> C14r: well i have no etch running here somwhere, so its a little difficult
20:49 <@C14r> Idefix: if this is solved with sarge, this is a important information!
20:49 <@xoswald> stragaman: and azmaeve could have a look together maybe
20:49 < stragaman> xoswald, about langague ??
20:49 <@xoswald> yes, the langage problem
20:49 <@C14r> Idefix: no etch for you nessary at the moment :)
20:49 < Idefix> C14r: i will try to switch locales on sarge once i get cat-web working
20:50 < stragaman> ok
20:50 <@C14r> Idefix: yes exactly :)
20:50 <@C14r> It could also be the same bug on sarge ...
20:50 <@C14r> ok, are we ready with the meeting, we can continue talking or course?
20:51 <@C14r> no objections?
20:51 <@xoswald> ok
20:52 <@C14r> ok
20:52 <@C14r> Good ... thank you for you attendence! Good work! Meeting is over.