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Summary Meeting 2007-05-28

Next Meeting 2007-06-04 20:00h CET

Paticipants :

  • C14r : Christian Kuelker (coordination)
  • xoswald : Xavier Oswald (announce next meeting)
  • Idefix : Sebastian Friedel (providing log)
  • waaam : Philippe Falvo
  • stragaman : Jean-Charles Siegel (writing summary)
  • azmaeve : Christophe Goessen

Start time : 19:59

End time : 20:52

1. Topic : what was the problems/what drain my time

  • xoswald has many projects with other Debian team, has uni exams and a girlfriend
  • stragaman & azmaeve have problems to install CipUX on etch

  • Idefix tries to install CipUX 3.2.16 on Skolelinux 2.0 (sarge) and document the process.
  • C14r: Berlin has over 30 degrees and too many support questions, set locale problem

2. Topic : what is the status

  • xoswald: current CipUX debian package is 'not so bad', but it need a more stable CipUX version
  • stragaman & azmaeve have achieved to install CipUX and moodle on etch

  • Idefix: Cipux-Administration-Tools isn't working with a backport of cipux-rpc

3. Topic : what are the plans for next week

  • xoswald has uni exam for one week so not that much
  • stragaman & azmaeve try to « update » cipuxPHP for the new version of CipUX, install moodle, mysql-server, PHP5 (everything for develop cipuxPHP), try to use cipuxPHP (old version with etch), update cipuxPHP if it is needed

  • Idefix doesn't know whether, he will have much time for this next week, but if he does, he will continue with cipux-cat-web and testing of thin clients under this setup
  • C14r will work on CAT Userselfadmin next week