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1. Topic: CAT Demo Server

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2. Topic: 2. Topic: locale system (i18n/i10n): translations

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4. Topic: misc

1) module tutoradmin: list member doesn't work

2) I have no idea what you mean with the green point that change the colour to red - named Linux - in module useradmin

3) what means: "login" here?

4) will the tutor has the right to click on it or only the admin?

5) in create new student, there is a template directory pop-up with a lot of different possibilities. I don't understand the idea behind this.

The choice list is a second skel.

History: The choice list is also called "2nd Forbach Skel" (it is a French solution) The french skel has a pre-configured desktop


If you have an unimportant file, lets say "README.new_student". And you want to be sure that every new student will have this file when he joins the school. Then you copy this file in the directory "students" and every new created student will become a copy. You can do that (README.new_teacher) also whith teachers, but then you must use the directory "teachers".

This copy happened anyway!

If you choose a object from the drop down list, that this is a second copy folder.

A student will have the role student and the template directory students. So why a second?


If you have a department for students lets say biology and chemistry you can create that skel with skeladmin.

And then you have the choise to copy also README.chemistry for a new student of chemestry, of course he will also get README.new_student, because his role is student.

Because basically every role has its skel and if you do not want to copy you use noskel.

6) so, this skels are only pre-configured ones

=> yes

7) what is the different between creating a new student and a new teacher?

=> first: the role (but that had no influence if not wished) => second: the student has a secondary skel while creation

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