please give your Reaslnames like  jever = Juergen Leibner
Mär 14 20:01:26 <C14r>  ok jever do it :)
Mär 14 20:01:33 *       C14r Christian Kuelker
Mär 14 20:01:33 <binar> binar = Benedikt Wildenhain
Mär 14 20:02:00 <rf1>   Roland Teichert
Mär 14 20:02:08 <k4x>   k4x = Kurt Gramlich
Mär 14 20:02:11 <jever> Meeting starts now, so please read to be informed
Mär 14 20:02:40 <jever> Thanks to all for joining the meeting
Mär 14 20:02:50 <C14r>  (oscar =Xavier Oswald has no time, but wrote a mail)
Mär 14 20:03:23 <jever> First topic: Status of Debian-Edu Package
Mär 14 20:03:45 <C14r>  ok. I will paste was Xavier has written: (mon)
Mär 14 20:03:54 <jever> ok, I see, the referends are not here
Mär 14 20:04:05 <jever> C14r: please do
Mär 14 20:04:12 <C14r>  We made a cipux upload on the debian-edu server some days ago, but some things was
Mär 14 20:04:15 <C14r>  wrong and then we get rejected. So we made a small table with what need to be
Mär 14 20:04:17 <C14r>  done [1], head CipUX Debian Package. It's not that much to do, to get all these
Mär 14 20:04:20 <C14r>  things working so it will not take that much time. Im very busy right now but I
Mär 14 20:04:22 <C14r>  hope we will have a new verison to upload in two weeks. Otherwise, if DDs would
Mär 14 20:04:25 <C14r>  like to help us to fix these small things feel free to ask an svn account on the
Mär 14 20:04:28 <C14r>  cipux-devel list.[2]. If you have ideas, questions or find other missing/wrong 
Mär 14 20:04:30 <C14r>  stuffs, Lior Kaplan(kaplan), Xavier Oswald(oskar64) and Christian Kuelker(C14r)
Mär 14 20:04:33 <C14r>  are working on this part. 
Mär 14 20:04:37 <C14r>  [1]
Mär 14 20:04:38 <C14r>  [2]
Mär 14 20:05:16 <C14r>  ----------------
Mär 14 20:05:17 <C14r>  I suggest to paste that also on the meeting tomorrow
Mär 14 20:05:36 <C14r>  who agrees?
Mär 14 20:06:43 <jever> mmh, ok
Mär 14 20:06:46 *       binar 
Mär 14 20:07:40 <jever> Is there a detailled list in wiki anywhere?
Mär 14 20:07:51 <C14r>  of what?
Mär 14 20:08:10 <jever> the points written above
Mär 14 20:08:12 <C14r>  please see [1]
Mär 14 20:08:43 <C14r>  other sugesstions or opinions?
Mär 14 20:08:44 <k4x>   for me it is not clear enough
Mär 14 20:08:59 <C14r>  ok
Mär 14 20:09:27 <k4x>   better point to the 3 or 5 important steps and ask for help
Mär 14 20:09:42 <jever> [1] tells me nothing new, it needs every meeting only a little time ;-)
Mär 14 20:09:55 <C14r>  they are written in [1]
Mär 14 20:10:42 <C14r>  yes the problem is (or was) that I did the package fixing
Mär 14 20:11:19 *       jever is not a DD, so he can't see the problems in [1]
Mär 14 20:11:46 <C14r>  but I think it is not a good idea to continue that, because they are not here now.
Mär 14 20:12:01 <jever> <-- wishes to get enlighted ;-)
Mär 14 20:12:02 <k4x>   suggestion: 1 what to do to fix the cipux bugs to work with debian edu
Mär 14 20:12:11 <C14r>  jever: there are small policy problems, like "name it like this"
Mär 14 20:12:34 <jever> C14r: that tells me what I wanted to know
Mär 14 20:12:36 <C14r>  k4x: I i write to you what to do that takes longer then fixing
Mär 14 20:13:10 <C14r>  a DD can fix this
Mär 14 20:13:11 <k4x>   C14r: ok
Mär 14 20:13:22 <C14r>  like Lior, He will look at the weekend
Mär 14 20:13:31 <jever> fine
Mär 14 20:13:36 <C14r>  (but he seems under havy load)
Mär 14 20:14:02 <C14r>  And Xavier will also be available after weekeind I think
Mär 14 20:14:05 <k4x>   suggestion: 2 find a DD tomorrow in IRC
Mär 14 20:14:16 <C14r>  ok, that would be fine
Mär 14 20:14:33 <jever> ok, are there any questions further?
Mär 14 20:14:51 <C14r>  (already spoke with Xavier about that)
Mär 14 20:15:26 <jever> then we change to the next topic: CAT Documentation Project
Mär 14 20:15:29 <k4x>   we need more upstream authors and DDs
Mär 14 20:15:34 <k4x>   ok
Mär 14 20:15:41 <C14r>  yes
Mär 14 20:15:56 <C14r>  jever: can you say the status?
Mär 14 20:16:35 <jever> Status is, that there is a new site:
Mär 14 20:17:02 <jever> It was created for glueing documentation and translation together
Mär 14 20:17:33 <jever> Right now, the testcontent has to be edited an cleaned up
Mär 14 20:18:04 <jever> I think to do this until Friday
Mär 14 20:18:24 <luk>   C14r: note that h01ger is DD now and you can contact me later today...
Mär 14 20:18:50 <C14r>  jever: ok, so we can announce that on Friday and start work?
Mär 14 20:18:56 <jever> It would be nice, if the first users began to test and comment the usability
Mär 14 20:18:59 <C14r>  luk: Thank you!
Mär 14 20:19:09 <jever> until friday
Mär 14 20:19:34 <C14r>  jever: before or after cleanup?
Mär 14 20:19:42 <jever> then we can start and track the usage for fixing little problems
Mär 14 20:19:55 <jever> the users should start now
Mär 14 20:20:01 <rf1>   the usability seems to me very fine,without big problems
Mär 14 20:20:19 <jever> I will track their work and tidy up what doesn't fit
Mär 14 20:20:42 <C14r>  jever: is the content now xhtml, with the minimal editor?
Mär 14 20:20:46 <jever> from technical view
Mär 14 20:21:55 <jever> no, the content, which was put in before the last adjustments isn't
Mär 14 20:22:08 <C14r>  yes, but the new is ok?
Mär 14 20:22:12 <jever> that is what I have to clean up
Mär 14 20:22:18 <C14r>  yes
Mär 14 20:22:23 <jever> and track
Mär 14 20:22:33 <C14r>  yes but the new input is ok?
Mär 14 20:23:03 <jever> yes, my test was successfull
Mär 14 20:23:19 <C14r>  ok, good news! :) So why not empty the old HTML tonight, and start tomorrow with XHTML?
Mär 14 20:23:40 <jever> that is what I ment with clean up
Mär 14 20:23:46 <C14r>  (I will help)
Mär 14 20:24:00 <jever> thank you
Mär 14 20:24:39 <C14r>  So suggest that we can say that we can start tomorrow at 12:00 to put the first testcontent into it, which will not thrown away, ok?
Mär 14 20:24:50 *       mherweg ( hat #CipUX betreten
Mär 14 20:24:56 <C14r>  (= start writing)
Mär 14 20:25:11 <jever> every content which is in will not be thron away
Mär 14 20:25:20 <C14r>  ok :)
Mär 14 20:25:25 <jever> it will be cleaned
Mär 14 20:25:33 <C14r>  ok,
Mär 14 20:25:53 <jever> we need the content to see how the CMS reacts on it
Mär 14 20:26:08 <jever> for finetuning
Mär 14 20:26:12 <C14r>  mherweg: can you introduce yourself withe /me Firstname Lastname ?
Mär 14 20:27:00 <C14r>  jever: So if we have no problems could you annouce the new CipUX Documentation Project on Debain-Edu
Mär 14 20:27:26 <jever> In the meeting?
Mär 14 20:27:30 <C14r>  yes
Mär 14 20:27:34 *       mherweg Martin Herweg (skolelinux Marl,Germany)
Mär 14 20:28:15 <C14r>  are there other opinions about it?
Mär 14 20:28:22 <jever> I can not attend the meeting, have to be in the school by my daughter tomorrow
Mär 14 20:28:39 <jever> :-(
Mär 14 20:28:40 <C14r>  jever: no problem, do it like Xavier :-)
Mär 14 20:28:54 <jever> ok
Mär 14 20:29:09 <C14r>  jever: please send a short snippet to
Mär 14 20:29:34 <jever> Ok, if there are no other questions we can go to: Status of CAT porting
Mär 14 20:30:02 <jever> C14r: would you please give us the state
Mär 14 20:30:20 <C14r>  ok, jever I do: I ported import.cgi today, so it works mostly. 
Mär 14 20:30:53 <C14r>  There are now all base modules available: useradmin groupadmin tutoradmin roleadmin skeladmin import
Mär 14 20:31:08 <C14r>  what is missing and releace critical is:
Mär 14 20:31:18 <C14r>  cipuxadmin, for the ACL of CAT by it self.
Mär 14 20:31:28 <C14r>  I will do it this week
Mär 14 20:31:39 <k4x>   jever: i added new topic:  short reports: last week done, results, problems, blockers, next week plan
Mär 14 20:31:42 <C14r>  And userselfadmin is also missing (to set the user passwords)
Mär 14 20:32:06 <C14r>  Wolfgang want to write that but ne info from him
Mär 14 20:32:08 <k4x>   C14r: did you send email to Wolfgang?
Mär 14 20:32:17 <C14r>  yes, no answer so far
Mär 14 20:32:26 <C14r>  but that is only 12h, so ...
Mär 14 20:32:29 <k4x>   C14r: please CC to me
Mär 14 20:32:36 <C14r>  ok
Mär 14 20:32:49 <C14r>  but for future I intent to use the list
Mär 14 20:33:12 <k4x>   jever: next topic?
Mär 14 20:33:30 <jever> no, I have a question
Mär 14 20:33:41 <C14r>  so some advance features are missing: internetadmin (binar) examadmin (mherweg?)
Mär 14 20:33:48 <C14r>  trasnferadmin
Mär 14 20:34:12 <C14r>  jever: yes?
Mär 14 20:34:59 <jever> is the functionality of the ported modules identically to the old ones?
Mär 14 20:35:11 <C14r>  no, not yet
Mär 14 20:35:28 <jever> but later, when they are ready?
Mär 14 20:35:38 <C14r>  this is the goal
Mär 14 20:35:48 <C14r>  (and even more) :-)
Mär 14 20:35:56 <k4x>   C14r: is this documented in the wiki?
Mär 14 20:36:09 <C14r>  k4x: exactly what?
Mär 14 20:36:10 <k4x>   C14r: as ToDo?
Mär 14 20:36:21 <k4x>   functionality of the ported modules identically to the old one
Mär 14 20:36:34 <C14r>  k4x: no not 100%, no  time till now
Mär 14 20:36:40 <jever> is there a timeline for every module and can someone ask for enhancements and where should he do that?
Mär 14 20:36:54 <C14r>  the deadline is the version
Mär 14 20:37:17 <C14r>  for 3.4.0 I think we would have some goals:
Mär 14 20:37:22 <C14r>  (1) be in debian edu
Mär 14 20:37:32 <C14r>  (2) do much functionallity as possible
Mär 14 20:37:45 <C14r>  (3) without adding every functionallity
Mär 14 20:38:12 <k4x>   perhaps we need this timeline for every module, status should be transparent
Mär 14 20:38:30 <jever> ok, should we build a structure for that?
Mär 14 20:38:38 <k4x>   yes please
Mär 14 20:38:43 <C14r>  k4x: yes
Mär 14 20:38:46 <mherweg>       examadmin:  i did some reading about SELinux(redhat) and apparmor(suse) what is the standard debian solution for MandantoryAccess Control ? I suggest Apparmor because it's easier to use . or maybe linux Vserver or openVZ
Mär 14 20:38:46 <C14r>  jever: ?
Mär 14 20:39:39 <C14r>  mherweg: good quetsion!
Mär 14 20:39:41 <k4x>   mherweg: perhaps ask on debian-edu?
Mär 14 20:39:54 <jever> a structure for collecting all that information at a single point
Mär 14 20:39:57 <C14r>  mherweg: yes that is what I would like to say
Mär 14 20:40:02 <binar> what kind of security level is needed for exams?
Mär 14 20:40:09 <C14r>  jever: wiki?
Mär 14 20:40:21 <luk>   mherweg: SELinux will be in etch
Mär 14 20:41:04 *       finnarne ( hat #CipUX betreten
Mär 14 20:41:16 <jever> or CMS? Think, we should decide where to put what kind of information now
Mär 14 20:41:34 <k4x>   perhaps we should not discuss now the examadmin tool, but later
Mär 14 20:41:50 <C14r>  jever: wiki is best because, is is no documentation, so we TODO/subpage or Feature/Subpage
Mär 14 20:42:10 <k4x>   C14r: ack
Mär 14 20:42:10 <jever> finnarne: Hi, meeting in progress please identify with /me = name
Mär 14 20:42:30 *       finnarne is just lurking, not takign part in the meeting
Mär 14 20:42:31 <C14r>  mherweg: Do you now how to do that with SELinux?
Mär 14 20:42:32 *       luk = Luk Claes
Mär 14 20:42:45 <jever> finnarne: ok
Mär 14 20:43:19 *       finnarne = Finn-Arne Johansen
Mär 14 20:43:28 <k4x>   i suggest in a wiki page modulname table red yellow green for status
Mär 14 20:43:30 <jever> C14r: ok, doing that in wiki
Mär 14 20:43:55 <C14r>  k4x: jever ok
Mär 14 20:44:04 <C14r>  a subpage for CAT may be
Mär 14 20:44:09 <mherweg>       C14r: in theroy yes but it looks very complicated. I'd prefer Apparmor or snare(availible.for 2.6.x)
Mär 14 20:44:50 <C14r>  luk: is snare or Apparmor in Etch?
Mär 14 20:45:41 <luk>   I don't think so
Mär 14 20:45:54 <jever> There are 15 min. left, let us go to next point: Status of Netgroups Feature
Mär 14 20:46:08 <C14r>  mherweg: we can ask someone for help may be
Mär 14 20:46:11 <luk>   vserver and openvz are btw
Mär 14 20:46:31 <k4x>   jever: ok
Mär 14 20:46:36 <C14r>  luk: Thx
Mär 14 20:46:43 <C14r>  jever: ok
Mär 14 20:47:00 <k4x>   binar: please give short report
Mär 14 20:47:03 <mherweg>       luk:  vserver and openvz are btw....   ?
Mär 14 20:47:06 <binar> cipux_task-commands ready, gui more or less, now I have to combine both to a working module
Mär 14 20:47:12 <luk>   mherweg: in etch
Mär 14 20:47:37 <k4x>   subgroups working?
Mär 14 20:47:42 <binar> the glue for subgroups still needs to be written
Mär 14 20:47:50 <binar> but it isn't much work
Mär 14 20:48:25 <k4x>   how many time you need to finish this module?
Mär 14 20:48:55 <binar> hope this evening, but will certainly be ready end of these week
Mär 14 20:49:04 <binar> this
Mär 14 20:49:06 <k4x>   binar: fine tnx
Mär 14 20:49:15 <C14r>  binar: should I look on it later?
Mär 14 20:49:28 <jever> binar: fine, thanks for your work
Mär 14 20:49:39 <binar> C14r: yes, we'll talk about that
Mär 14 20:50:03 <C14r>  binar: ok [ :) Thx! ]
Mär 14 20:50:18 <jever> so we can go to the last point, regarded by k4x, so he might start
Mär 14 20:50:27 <jever> short reports: last week done, results, problems, blockers, next week plan
Mär 14 20:50:29 <k4x>   ok
Mär 14 20:51:02 <k4x>   last week, doing some checks, starting koordination
Mär 14 20:51:12 <k4x>   results: positive reaktions
Mär 14 20:51:47 <jever> ok, C14r please
Mär 14 20:51:48 <k4x>   problems: to find DDs and more authors with perl knowlege
Mär 14 20:52:00 <k4x>   blockers: time
Mär 14 20:52:21 <k4x>   next week plan: testing and forcing people to help
Mär 14 20:52:30 <k4x>   tnx for listening
Mär 14 20:52:44 <C14r>  last week: porting CAT modules, result modules migrated, problems: to less time, blockers: no much work for coordination, meetings 
Mär 14 20:52:52 <C14r>  ;-)
Mär 14 20:53:13 <C14r>  next week: package review with Lior
Mär 14 20:53:27 <C14r>  (hopefully!)
Mär 14 20:53:53 <jever> thank you
Mär 14 20:53:58 <C14r>  smooth install on Skole, Documentation
Mär 14 20:54:01 <C14r>  ups, ok
Mär 14 20:54:29 <k4x>   tnx
Mär 14 20:54:37 <jever> last week, building and testing CMS
Mär 14 20:54:53 <jever> searching for best fitting modules
Mär 14 20:54:59 <jever> for CMS
Mär 14 20:55:30 <binar> last week: added cipux netgroup acl, worked on netgroups-module, checked for possibility to install on a fresh debian-edu
Mär 14 20:55:37 <jever> results: mostly working CipUX Dokumentation Projekt
Mär 14 20:56:21 <jever> next week: tracking CMS workers for starting up
Mär 14 20:56:25 <binar> results: installs on debian-edu
Mär 14 20:57:16 <jever> blockers: time, CeBit, work and family issues
Mär 14 20:57:22 <binar> blockers: time, didn't really understand what ldap does (fixed by reading much doc)
Mär 14 20:57:23 <k4x>   ;-)
Mär 14 20:57:59 <k4x>   luk ?
Mär 14 20:58:53 <jever> or anyone else?
Mär 14 20:59:10 <C14r>  would liek to say somthing about meeting tomorrow, ok?
Mär 14 20:59:24 <jever> ok, C14r please
Mär 14 20:59:27 <C14r>  The attendence at the meeting tomorrow is very important! I suggest, that mherweg ask tomorrow about implemention details on debianEdu (please add that to the agenda). jever wrote a snippet for the Documentaion Project, binar anouce a working module (hopefully), k4x?, ...  
Mär 14 20:59:28 <luk>   k4x: pong
Mär 14 21:00:56 <C14r>  We also can ask for CAT artwork contributors
Mär 14 21:01:38 <jever> ok, time is over, meeting is closed