20:35 < C14r> The 3rd Meeting starts now.
20:35 <@[-oskar-]> jever: k4x ping ?
20:36  * jever is at another meeting
20:36 < C14r> Can everyone attending state that with \me Firtname Lastname
20:36 < C14r> \me Christian Kuelker
20:36  * [-oskar-] Xavier Oswald
20:36  * C14r Christian Kuelker
20:36 < C14r> So the first toppic is " Information message in Dialog in the postinst script."
20:37 < C14r> [-oskar-]: What do you mean with this?
20:37 <@[-oskar-]> ok, well, I think that it is not useful to print this info in a for skolelinux
20:37  * jever = J?rgen Leibner
20:37 <@[-oskar-]> I think we should check if it is not skolelinux and then print this message
20:38 < C14r> [-oskar-]: Soory I do not get the point, what is taht for a Dialog?
20:38 <@[-oskar-]> the message in dialog informing a person where he can find the script to fill ldap
20:38 < C14r> ok, yes you are right
20:38 < C14r> I agree.
20:39 <@[-oskar-]> Ok, then I will hack this soond ;)
20:39 <@[-oskar-]> soon
20:39 < C14r> How we can find out that we are on a skolelinux system?
20:39 <@[-oskar-]> I think we have a file in /etc
20:39 < C14r> If you have no Idea, then I suggest we mail about that on debian edu
20:39 < C14r> ok?
20:40 <@[-oskar-]> I will have a look, but if I didn't find how to do that, then I will ask on debian-edu
20:40 < C14r> ok, I agree. Next toppic?
20:40 < C14r> (and tell me the result)
20:40 <@[-oskar-]> yeah :
20:41 < C14r> Should we skip " CipUX PHP code security issue (again:)", because JeanCharles is not here
20:41 <@[-oskar-]> C14r: jever well Im asking for news about the cipux PHP code..
20:41 <@[-oskar-]> k4x: what about florian, any news ?
20:42 < C14r> [-oskar-]: ok, till they answery, should we talk about " Using cipux for samba" ?
20:42 <@[-oskar-]> C14r: ok
20:42 < C14r> [-oskar-]: Please explain " Using cipux for samba"
20:42 <@[-oskar-]> C14r: sure !
20:42 <@[-oskar-]> I want to have access to my file from windows to linux throught samba, is it possible ?
20:43 < C14r> [-oskar-]: yes this is a skolelinux feature
20:43 <@[-oskar-]> ok, have you a link with documentations maybe ?
20:43 < C14r> [-oskar-]: Serveral schools using CipUX with Samba,
20:44 <@[-oskar-]> Oh nice
20:44 < C14r> [-oskar-]: No, but meay be we start a documentation in the wiki with Georg Damm, he is investigating this at the moment
20:44 <@[-oskar-]> Ok, Great !!
20:45 < C14r> [-oskar-]: Starting the cipux-samba package has the goal to make the installation of the samba feature in CipUX more easy
20:45 <@[-oskar-]> I think so ;)
20:46 <@[-oskar-]> Then I will wait a little bit and have a look at the wiki pages
20:46 < C14r> [-oskar-]: So there are a lot of featuers with CipUX and Samba, but they are not important for the French team
20:46 -!- jever2 [~ln@pD9574D49.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #CipUX
20:46 < C14r> [-oskar-]: ok, but you also can participate, when the first page is therer ;-)
20:46 <@[-oskar-]> ok
20:47 < C14r> [-oskar-]: Should we talk about " Package/Code errors"
20:47 <@[-oskar-]> the French team will put some feedbacks ;)
20:47 <@[-oskar-]> C14r: yes
20:47 < C14r> [-oskar-]: Well give me 1 min to look at the page ..
20:48 <@[-oskar-]> more informations :
20:48 <@[-oskar-]> I get lots of errors during the installation like this one
20:48 <@[-oskar-]> during the filling ldap base state and thus during the french profile installation
20:49 < C14r> [-oskar-]: well
20:50 < C14r> [-oskar-]: The installation I have in my hotel do not do that.
20:50 < C14r> The cipux_get_value script moved to /usr/lib/cipux/lal
20:50 <@[-oskar-]> you are using the svn or the repository ?
20:50 < C14r> svn
20:50 <@[-oskar-]> ok, Im using the deb packages
20:50 < C14r> So the repositori is technical ok, but the version is buggy, right?
20:51 < C14r> when have you tested?
20:51 <@[-oskar-]> today
20:51 <@[-oskar-]> with a new iso I build this morning
20:51 < C14r> I think I updated yesterday
20:51 <@[-oskar-]> I use the 3.2.11-1 version
20:51 < C14r> [-oskar-]: ok, to this must be the newest version.
20:51 <@[-oskar-]> C14r: have you rebuild the repo ?
20:51 < C14r> yes yesterday
20:52 <@[-oskar-]> hmm
20:52 < C14r> what is in your system.conf file?
20:52 <@[-oskar-]> Maybe I can send you tomorow more log during the installation ?
20:52 < C14r> [-oskar-]: Yes and have you done a cipux_maint_diagnostic ?
20:53 <@[-oskar-]> I don't have this command :/
20:53 -!- jever [~ln@pD9576CB0.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit Ping timeout: 480 seconds
20:54 < C14r> (I will be offline in 4 min, because the line will terminated, but [-oskar-] may continue the meetingif he like)
20:54 <@[-oskar-]> I have : cipux-cibot, cipux-common, cipux-profile, cipux-rpc and the moodle-cipuxPHP installed
20:54 < C14r> [-oskar-]: it moved to /usr/lib/cipux/sbin
20:54 <@[-oskar-]> C14r: well the PATH is not right then
20:55 < C14r> no it should not be in PATH
20:55 <@[-oskar-]> Ok, I understand now,
20:55 < C14r> I should be in cipux-cibot
20:55 <@[-oskar-]> because cipux-setup-ldap is here too, that's must be in your path !
20:55 < C14r> nno
20:55 <@[-oskar-]> because I was using this command out of the box in the shell, so I have to specify the PATH
20:56 <@[-oskar-]> I will try that tomorow and send you a mail
20:56 < C14r> This is only in you installation
20:56 <@[-oskar-]> It should work
20:56 < C14r> ok, thank you
20:56 <@[-oskar-]> C14r: yes, I understand why you do that :)
20:56 < C14r> will you continue the meeting?
20:56 < C14r> :)
20:56 <@[-oskar-]> Im alone :/
20:56 < C14r> ok, this makes no sense!
20:57 < C14r> So we close the meeting now!
20:57 <@[-oskar-]>  I will write this into the wiki
20:57 < C14r> ok Thank you!
20:57 <@[-oskar-]> np
20:57 < C14r> ok, bye then
20:57 <@[-oskar-]> ok bye, Thanks !