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Summary of the IRC meeting 2006-08-22

Irc log:


3 topics were set in the discussion:

  • Integration of CipUX into Debian
  • 2 new features
  • cipuxPHP security issue


- [-oskar-]: XavierOswald

- C14r_jp: ChristianKuelker

- k4x: KurtGramlich

- JeanCharles: Jean-Charles Siegel

- jever: Jürgen Leibner

Integration of CipUX into Debian:

These steps were proposed:

  • Choose the version we want to add into Debian. The choice is on the 3.2.11 version of CipUX. We want to add 2 features, change the user last-name and firs-tname as a CipUX task.
  • Test this version and close the remaining bugs.
  • Be Debian policy compliant, check with lintian and linda.
  • Find a DD to review this packages (Maybe Lior Kaplan).
  • Enter in experimental.

2 new features:

  • Add the possibility to change the first-name of the user (cipux_task_change_user_firstname)
  • Add the possibility to change the last-name of the user (cipux_task_change_user_lastname)

Xavier will write this 2 features

possible CipuxPHP security issue:

Jürgen made some comments about the security into the CipuxPHP code. His friend tell him some details about the php code:

  • there is mostly no input validation.
  • there is code mixed up from php4 up to php5 and object-oriented programming is use in an way it should'nt.

We will get more informations from the Jürgen's friend soon

Next Meeting

Next IRC meeting will be 2006-08-31 at 20:00h. This will be announced some days in advance by Jean-Charles on Debian-Edu