Installation of CipUX



CipUX Installation 3.4.x for Debian

This is under development for now. 
Do not install on productive systems,
as long this remark is here.

[:CipUX/Installation/3.4.0:Installation and setup CipUX 3.4.0]

 * Debian Etch
 * Debian Lenny
 * Debian Edu/ Skolelinux Etch
 * Debian Edu/ Skolelinux Lenny
 * probably Ubuntu

Other CipUX Installation Guides

Installation guides for different Debian and Debian-Edu/Skolelinux releases. For Updates please read the [:CipUX/Update:update page].

Older installation guides

Debian-Edu/ Skolelinux 1.0 (Venus)