Installtion of CipUX



CipUX Installation 3.4.x

This is under development for now. Do not install on productive systems, as long this remark is here.

Choose a fresh installed Debian (Etch) or Debian-Edu/ Skolelinux.


edit /etc/apt/sources.list


 deb sid main



For a French school:

CipUX Automatic Setup 3.4.x

This chapter is intended for integrators or developers who would like to deploy CipUX on their distribution or LiveCD. So this page contains several methods to install CipUX.

apt-getting debs

You can fetch the debian packages of cipux from last svn-revision with the following entry in your sources list. Every half hour, the packages are build if there was any commit to svn-repository, so here you will get the very latest ones. This location is also available by browser via

 deb sid main

Get the package list

Setup process description

Attended installation procedure

Unattended installation procedure


Customization for (jet) unsupported Distributions

Other CipUX Installation Guides

Installation guides for different Debian and Debian-Edu/Skolelinux releases. For Updates please read the [:DebianEdu/CipUX/Update:update page].

On Debian (Etch) , Debian-Edu/ Skolelinux 3.0

Older installation guides

Debian-Edu/ Skolelinux 1.0 (Venus)