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== CipUX Installation 3.4.x for Debian == == CipUX Installation 3.4.x.x for Debian ==
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[[CipUX/Installation/3.4.0|Installation and setup CipUX 3.4.0]] [[CipUX/Installation/3.4.x.x|Installation and setup CipUX 3.4.0]]
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 * Debian Edu/ Skolelinux Lenny
 * probably Ubuntu


Installation of CipUX

CipUX Installation 3.4.x.x for Debian

This is under development for now. 
Do not install on productive systems,
as long this remark is here.

?Installation and setup CipUX 3.4.0

 * Debian Etch
 * Debian Lenny
 * Debian Edu/ Skolelinux Etch

Other CipUX Installation Guides

Installation guides for different Debian and Debian-Edu/Skolelinux releases. For Updates please read the update page.

Older installation guides

Debian-Edu/ Skolelinux 1.0 (Venus)