Feature CipUX Moodle

This is the GUI for CipUX that can be use with Moodle on Skolelinux. This GUI is written in PHP5 for Debian (and then Debian-edu) Etch.

This version was done for french elementary Schools.

You can install it with the package moodle-cipux.

How it works ?

?MoodleCipux uses XML-RPC over SSL.


In Skolelinux, only root can use CipUX commands. So we need a solution to give some root's rights to simple user. That's why we are using XML-RPC solution (cipux-rpc is the daemon of cipux, it's the XML-RPC server). It gives to specific user (the role of this user is assistant) and to the CipUX Administrator (cipadmin) all the rights to use CipUX commands. We can not give root's right's to a novice user.


All information are confidential, and then we need the encrypt all the requests which are circulating between the XML-RPC server (cipux-rpc) and the XML-RPC client (cipuxPHP).


You can see cipuxPHP screenshots here => /ScreenShots