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CipUX Feature Deploy

The first aim of this page is do gather remote deploy concepts for fat clients.


  • Support of remote deploy different OS
    • Linux
    • Win98
    • WinXP Prof
    • Vista
  • Image Size over 2 GB
  • Auto-Reinstall-Feature
    • This mean that the client gets reinstalled after _every_ logout of the user. (With CipUX 2.x this was possible win Win98 in 40 seconds) With Images sizes over 2G this must be high-performance.
  • Demand-Reinstall-Feature
    • This means the Admins defines a time or push a butten and all clients or a group of clients get remote reinstalled. With Images sizes over 2G this must be high-performance.


A (rsync restore)

Synchronize the first partition of hard disk with the second partition with rsync.


  • fast


  • restore OS must have the file system driver

B (Image ueber RAMDISK und ein ISO-BOOT Image):

Boot first partition from iso-file and mount second partition (ram-disk).

C (Linux Xen Client Machine with Guest OS as domU):