Chucky you said ? My real name is MichelNolard, but I definitely prefer "Chucky" :)

Chucky is a free software fan who thinks that everybody MUST have the right and the possibility to freely use, copy and modify optimized and usable softwares. Thus he entirely agrees to the free software movement (see for more informations).

He is currently mastering (3rd year) in Computer Science at the Facult├ęs Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix in Namur (Belgium). He has already finished 2 years as Candidate in Mathematics.

Debian GNU/Linux is the first step, and the Debian Desktop project the second one. He is determined to contribute to the community to make things move in the right direction. KDE is his preferred desktop environment... but GNOME is fantastic too !

He simply HATES flame wars.

The only license he knows by heart is the GNU General Public License (GPL).

He is currently building up a community of free game developers to concentrate efforts on building free portable and efficient environments for game developing, writing docs about technics, tools comparisons, project management, ... The OutMaX! Community is located on, but the website is currently in construction (he is working on his master thesis...)

For the technical skills... (not interesting by the way) :

He knows a lot of programming languages, which doesn't mean he codes very well with each of them :-p

 C/ObjectiveC/C++, Pascal/Delphi/Kylix, Basic/Visual Basic,
 Fortran, Java, Eiffel, ASM x86, ASM MIPS, ASM SPARC,
 Prolog, ["CaML"], Lisp, SQL.

Quote :

 "My first computer was a Tandy 1000 SL. It was based on an
 Intel 8086 and MS-DOS 3.3. I was 12 years old at that
 time, and since that day, I have always tried to learn the
 most by myself. Basic, then Pascal, then ASM, ... I never
 thought that learning was waisted time. I've started my
 first 3D rendering engine when I was 16 on my i386 ! It
 seems so pitious now ... ;)"

Ask me freely any question you have :