Chris Watkins a.k.a. Chriswaterguy

Email: <<chris water guy (without any spaces) AT SPAMFREE appropedia DOT org)>>

I'm a co-founder of Appropedia, the wiki for creating an abundant world, ending poverty and sustaining the earth.

I'm also a consultant on knowledge management for development and sustainability - ?see my consultancy homepage.

IRC: Chriswaterguy... I occasionally pop in to ##Linux, #CSS, #LXDE, or #(whatever distro I'm trying)

Debian Activities

I plan to install EasyLXDE (DebianPureBlends) as soon as it's available. This will be my first really serious attempt at Debian.

I'm not a developer or coder, and I don't use Debian currently, as it was not an effective use of my time. (Installing Lenny, it told me to find my wifi driver for myself, but the deciding factor was when it didn't even recognize the hard drive on my ?ThinkPad.) I represent the majority of computer users who need their computers for work, not for learning and tweaking Linux. I would love to help make the power and stability of Debian available to people like me, and I hope EasyLXDE will be a big step towards that.

I help with: