Google Summer of Code 2016

This page serves as a description of the work done by me during the 3 months of Google Summer of Code 2016.
My project was Android SDK Tools in Debian
It mainly involved packaging work, which has all been pushed to alioth and can be seen below under git projects.

Git projects

At DebConf16, I alongwith Kai-Chung Yan gave a talk on this project.

I also created a wiki page to document the android build process for certain tools packaged as part of this project.
It has been helpful in figuring out how to package things properly, and also in fixing bugs.
Bugs: opened corresponded

Overall, one of the main achievements during this period is the ability to build a basic android app from the command line using only source-built debian packages.
As of August 22, 2016, not all packages are available yet, but the code has been pushed and can be found above under git projects