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Pages in this category shouldn't be removed/renamed since they are referenced in some Debian official materials from outside the wiki.

  • It's very important not to make broken links within *.debian.org 1

    • Links from within this wiki can be updated, so it's not a valid reason for tagging a page permalink.
    • Links from outside debian.org aren't a reason for tagging a page permalink: Before removing a page, one should always consider the number the results from google/yahoo's "link:wiki.debian.org/!?FooBar".

  • Always include the URI of the referring page, as a comment, above the CategoryPermalink tag.

mitigation: Of course, the page can be renamed if the referring page(s) is/are updated.

List of pages in this category:


  1. *.debian.org : all forms of links from any official debian stuff. This includes packages Homepage field, project homepage, etc. (1)