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~-Translation(s): [:CategoryCategory:English] - [:fr/CategoryCategory:Français] -~ ~-Translation(s): [:CategoryCategory:English] - [:CategoryFrCategory:Français] -~

Translation(s): [:CategoryCategory:English] - [:CategoryFrCategory:Français]

inline:Portal/IDB/icon-template-32x32.png A category is a WikiName that exploits [wiki:WikiWiki ?WikiWiki]'s reverse linking: if you click on the title of a category page, you'll get a list of pages belonging to that category. To get a list of all categories, click above on the CategoryCategory title.

For more information about categories, see also:

Here is a list of all categories known to this wiki


To be consistent with the C2 category scheme, all categories start with the word "Category". For more information, see AboutCategoriesAndTopics.