Cameron Dale

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This is my first Debian package, which I started working on in December 2005. I have used the program frequently since May 2005 and so it made a good choice for my first package. I am also very familiar with php and mysql, both used by this program, and my skills with python aren't bad.

This package was accepted into the Debian archive on April 2nd, 2006, and is currently being sponsored by MicahAnderson.


After working with MicahAnderson on the torrentflux package, he mentioned that he would like some help maintaining the BitTornado package, with the possibility of taking over the package in time. I agreed, and have collaborated with him through an Alioth Project using SVN since February 2006. I am now a co-maintainer of this package.


I started doing some work on this package as it is a dependency for my torrentflux package. I noticed that it was in need of some work, as it had multiple security vulnerabilities, and was several upstream versions out of date. The maintainer was unresponsive, and had recently orphaned most of his packages.

I prepared a NMU to update the package in unstable to the current upstream version, which fixed 9 of the 11 bugs it had including all security problems. However, this NMU had to be submitted by MicahAnderson, as sponsored NMUs of a new upstream are not well respected. Details here.

I also prepared a backport of the 4 security fixes to the version in stable. This was accepted into stable-security by ?MartinSchulze. Details here.

The security fixes I prepared for stable were then used by ?MartinSchulze to fix the 2 security bugs that also existed in oldstable.

The package has since been orphaned due to inactivity by the maintainer, and so I have adopted it and brought it up to date for the release of Etch.

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