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[DIFF] 15m ago [INFO] ?SruthiChandran add acorn
[DIFF] 16m ago [INFO] ?DanieleForsi added DebianBug:847670
[DIFF] 36m ago [INFO] HolgerLevsen it refers to etch
[DIFF] 66m ago [INFO] JamesValleroy [1-3] #01 update call dates
#02 add notes
#03 cleanup old agenda
[DIFF] 67m ago [INFO] JamesValleroy add call page
[DIFF] 68m ago [INFO] JamesValleroy add call page
[DIFF] 71m ago [INFO] JamesValleroy [1-2] #01 remove unwanted links
#02 add notes
[DIFF] 78m ago [INFO] JamesValleroy Link to Plinth changelog
[DELETED] 80m ago [INFO] JamesValleroy unmaintained - use FreedomBox/ReleaseNo tes instead
[DIFF] 12:19 [INFO] ?SebastianRamacher [1-2]
[DIFF] 12:15 [INFO] ?SebastianRamacher [1-2]
[DIFF] 10:43 [INFO] Infinity0 mention deadline for new packages in testing
[DIFF] 06:57 [INFO] PaulWise Epidemic-Linux is inactive
[DIFF] 02:31 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 02:21 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 00:24 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #02 link to the hints file
[DIFF] 19:35 [INFO] ?MathieuParent lua-rjson is not needed
[DIFF] 18:28 [INFO] MattiaRizzolo use cgit frontend instead of gitweb
[DIFF] 17:21 [INFO] SantiagoRuanoRincón
[DIFF] 15:54 [INFO] LucaCapello [1-2] #01 add DebianBug:793101 for yubikey-personalizat ion jessie-backports
#02 [udev] add comment about YubiKey type and merged .rules
[DIFF] 10:05 [INFO] ?NikoTyni
[DIFF] 06:11 [INFO] PaulWise another list of section descriptions
[DIFF] 05:27 [INFO] AriPollak [1-2] #01 Automatically updated by
#02 Automatically updated by
[DIFF] 18:34 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer add caveat for sitesummary2ldapdhcp .
[DIFF] 15:26 [INFO] SaschaS
[DIFF] 06:43 [INFO] ?BasCouwenberg Add myself to Booth presence with t-shirts & zippos
[DIFF] 05:02 [INFO] ?JoshTriplett [1-3]
Infinity0 [4]
#01 Change package versioning.
#03 Source package names.
#04 minor wording edits
[DIFF] 03:40 [INFO] ?toots Not anymore..
[DIFF] 02:15 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #01 clarify that the specific options don't install X11/lightdm
#02 add standard setup
[DIFF] 00:06 [INFO] PaulWise fix typo
[DIFF] 12:33 [INFO] FedericoCeratto Automated submission
[DIFF] 09:30 [INFO] ?huljar [1]
moomoc [2-3]
#01 Added bugs I worked on
#02 add group photo
#03 Upload of attachment 'BSP-dd-2016_Debian- Bugsquashing-an-der- TUD.jpg'.
[DIFF] 08:13 [INFO] ?StephaneBlondon [1-2] #01 add missing 'n' to the name KåreThorOlsen
#02 spam removal November 2016 by Stéphane Blondon
[DIFF] 07:03 [INFO] PaulWise another map
[DIFF] 05:29 [INFO] ?ScottKitterman Update BCM4312 LP-PHY advice to reference firmware-b43-install er vice firmware-b43-lpphy-i nstaller since the latter does not exist after wheezy
[DIFF] 04:48 [INFO] KaichungYan
[DIFF] 01:36 [INFO] PaulWise debcargo/Rust
[DIFF] 01:33 [INFO] PaulWise drop _blank
[DIFF] 23:01 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2]
[DIFF] 22:55 [INFO] PaulWise [1]
PauloSantana [2-3]
#01 drop _blank
[DIFF] 22:54 [INFO] PaulWise [1]
PauloSantana [2]
#01 drop _blank
[DIFF] 22:53 [INFO] PaulWise [1]
PauloSantana [2-3]
#01 drop _blank
[DIFF] 22:34 [INFO] PaulWise DebianDay stats
[DIFF] 22:33 [INFO] PaulWise [1]
PauloSantana [2-17]
#01 change title, add an anchor for external reference
[DIFF] 15:01 [INFO] ?ScottHoward
[DIFF] 14:59 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 14:58 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 14:58 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DELETED] 14:57 [INFO] PauloSantana Did not happen
[DIFF] 14:44 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 14:43 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 14:39 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 13:47 [INFO] Praveen A
[DIFF] 13:46 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 10:21 [INFO] ?LluisGili
[DIFF] 09:40 [INFO] ?AdrianGlaubitz [1-2] #02 Building bootloaders for sparc64 and hppa is no longer necessary. Also, use improved paths.
[DIFF] 09:23 [INFO] EnricoZini Added instructions for packaging programs
[DIFF] 08:43 [INFO] josch [1-2] #01 Add example for how to use dh_listpackage with build profiles
#02 Document a way how to split up a restriction formula into multiple dependencies
[DIFF] 04:55 [INFO] ?SeanBurford Move fixed Google repos to Compliant repositories section.
[DIFF] 04:04 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 04:02 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 04:00 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 04:00 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 03:58 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 03:58 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 03:58 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 20:12 [INFO] HolgerLevsen fix theme name
[DIFF] 19:45 [INFO] ?JamesMcCoy Replace links with links to current upstream docs
[DIFF] 17:07 [INFO] PauloSantana [1-3]
[DIFF] 15:37 [INFO] JulietteTaka
[DIFF] 15:11 [INFO] ThorstenGlaser this must be done BEFORE!
[DIFF] 08:45 [INFO] EnricoZini Added links to old ideas for making some debtags tags more consistent
[DIFF] 23:33 [INFO] JavierFernandezSanguino [1-2] #01 Refer to https url
[DIFF] 23:32 [INFO] JavierFernandezSanguino Update status
[DIFF] 18:51 [INFO] ?PellegrinoPrevete [1-2]
[DIFF] 14:05 [INFO] ?Yosuke Otsuki
[DIFF] 11:42 [INFO] ?neugens
[DIFF] 11:42 [INFO] ?neugens
[DIFF] 10:38 [INFO] ?ImanolMateo Correciones gramaticales y ortográficas
[DIFF] 09:18 [INFO] ?JochenSprickerhof
[DIFF] 07:30 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #01 https one more link
#02 https some links


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