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[DIFF] 15:16 [INFO] FabianRodriguez Added indication that the package is in testing and link to p.d.o
[DIFF] 13:29 [INFO] AlanRochester
[DELETED] 13:26 [INFO] AlanRochester 2007?
[DELETED] 13:25 [INFO] AlanRochester 2005?
[DELETED] 13:24 [INFO] AlanRochester 2007?
[DIFF] 12:54 [INFO] Praveen A
[DIFF] 12:52 [INFO] ?Russell Coker [1-7] #01 added opendkim-testmsg
#02 more postfix
#03 Add testing section
#04 fix formatting of examples
#05 Documenting postfix config
#06 installation process
#07 Just a description, more to come
[DIFF] 12:22 [INFO] ?StuartPrescott [1-4] #01 Add info about klipper configuration
#02 Add Google Contacts notes
#03 add font sizes
#04 Start documenting jessie2stretch migration for KDE users
[DIFF] 11:50 [INFO] josch add notes
[DIFF] 11:14 [INFO] Rafael Senties Martinelli link update
[DIFF] 10:54 [INFO] AriPollak Automatically updated by
[DIFF] 09:59 [INFO] Rafael Senties Martinelli Update of a broken link
[DIFF] 06:56 [INFO] ?Daniel Stender updated my entry
[DIFF] 04:40 [INFO] ?Russell Coker Add OpenDKIM link
[DIFF] 03:28 [INFO] PaulWise fix link
[DIFF] 03:26 [INFO] PaulWise fix links
[DIFF] 03:22 [INFO] PaulWise formatting
[DIFF] 23:42 [INFO] ?Texou
[DIFF] 23:40 [INFO] XTaran [1-11] #01 Debian Mailing Lists
#02 Advertising on Twitter
#03 First bunch of advertising done
#04 Add size constraints
#05 Food
#06 Another hotel
#07 Some Hotels
#08 additionaly power bars only needed if you need many sockets at the same time
#09 Other Local Events at the Same Weekend
#10 Fix typo
#11 Transport
[DIFF] 21:57 [INFO] ?GhislainVaillant [1-2]
[DIFF] 21:47 [INFO] ?TobiasHansen Uploaded ecl 16.1.2 (instead of 16.1.3) to deb-sci-sage.
[DIFF] 21:29 [INFO] ?Guido Günther [1-2]
[DIFF] 21:03 [INFO] NilsRennebarth [1-5] #05 Renamed from 'HowToSetupADebianRe pository'. Reorganization of Repository related pages
[DIFF] 21:00 [INFO] NilsRennebarth
[DIFF] 21:00 [INFO] NilsRennebarth Renamed from 'SettingUpSignedAptR epositoryWithReprepr o'. Reorganization of Repository related pages
[DIFF] 20:51 [INFO] NilsRennebarth [1-2] #02 Reorganization of Repository related pages
[DIFF] 20:48 [INFO] NilsRennebarth [1-2] #02 Renamed from 'RepositoryFormat'. Reorganization of Repository related pages
[DIFF] 20:11 [INFO] NilsRennebarth
[DIFF] 19:55 [INFO] NilsRennebarth Reorganization of Repository related pages
[DIFF] 19:34 [INFO] NilsRennebarth
[DIFF] 19:28 [INFO] NilsRennebarth
[DIFF] 19:23 [INFO] NilsRennebarth Reorganization of Repository related pages
[DIFF] 19:13 [INFO] NilsRennebarth Reorganization of Repository related pages
[DIFF] 19:00 [INFO] HolgerLevsen [1]
?WolfgangSchweer [2]
#01 after the release is before the release
#02 hopefully LTSP clients w/o NBD workaround on April 2nd.
[DIFF] 18:13 [INFO] NilsRennebarth [1-2]
[DIFF] 18:06 [INFO] NilsRennebarth
[DIFF] 17:58 [INFO] NilsRennebarth
[DIFF] 15:07 [INFO] ?uniq michael confirmed
[DIFF] 14:26 [INFO] ?EloiNotario [1-3] #01 Add myself to the attendees list
#02 Proposal to visit the annual flower arrangment festival at Girona
#03 Updated external links to public transport timetables
[DIFF] 13:53 [INFO] TheAnarcat add in-toto
[DIFF] 12:40 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #01 source packages got added!
#02 stable got added
[DIFF] 06:26 [INFO] ?MichaelStapelberg
[DIFF] 02:02 [INFO] JamesValleroy update next call date
[DELETED] 01:55 [INFO] ?cicku Private info leaked
[DIFF] 01:53 [INFO] GuillemJover Move the Chromium 57+ comment into its own item to make it more visible
[DIFF] 01:40 [INFO] PaulWise lol
[DIFF] 00:55 [INFO] ?ElanaHashman [1-2] #01 Fix listed deps that were in experimental, not unstable
#02 Add RFPs/ITPs/bug reports for missing/outdated packages
[DIFF] 23:18 [INFO] Delib [1-2] #01 Added url to forum posts.
#02 Created homepage.
[DIFF] 22:07 [INFO] Delib [1-3] #01 Added project page url.
#02 Added links to Debian Internationalization and ibus.
#03 Removed broken project url and added introduction with links.
[DIFF] 21:27 [INFO] JamesValleroy add notes
[DIFF] 18:47 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with english master
[DIFF] 18:41 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with english master
[DIFF] 18:39 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with english master
[DIFF] 18:38 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with english master
[DIFF] 18:33 [INFO] BeatriceTorracca sync with english master
[DIFF] 18:11 [INFO] ?RamonFischer Add more reliable lspci command to determine graphics card
[DIFF] 17:26 [INFO] HectorOron
[DIFF] 11:04 [INFO] NielsThykier Mark 3 more items as done
[DIFF] 00:13 [INFO] ?LeszekLesner Updated the repos
[DIFF] 18:32 [INFO] FilippoGiunchedi Apt dependency resolver generates broken solutions
[DIFF] 11:34 [INFO] HolgerLevsen fix grammar
[DIFF] 11:33 [INFO] HolgerLevsen update + reword
[DIFF] 11:25 [INFO] HolgerLevsen Jessie is current
[DIFF] 11:24 [INFO] HolgerLevsen Jessie is current
[DIFF] 11:23 [INFO] HolgerLevsen Jessie is current
[DIFF] 03:13 [INFO] SebastianSilva
[DIFF] 19:22 [INFO] ?GregorHerrmann add link to 2017-03-21 report
[DIFF] 19:05 [INFO] ?DanielLenharo [1,11]
PauloSantana [2-10,12-13]
[DIFF] 17:56 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 16:50 [INFO] HolgerLevsen add Copyright year for Ingrid
[DIFF] 16:07 [INFO] ?spriver [1-5] #01 This won't be really needed in the end, as discussed on the meeting on 24th March
#02 Dropping it as decided on the meeting on March 20th, as it won't be needed in the end
#03 We decided to keep the registration requests in an encrypted Git repository (can be accessed by persons involved in the process)
#04 Added link to Tweet of @Tails_live
#05 Meeting on March 20th decided to drop this [it's too late for that]
[DIFF] 15:40 [INFO] AnthonyFok Fix incorrect "sudo echo" command
[DIFF] 15:27 [INFO] NilsRennebarth
[DIFF] 15:15 [INFO] TheAnarcat [1-2] #01 add note about build problems I witnessed with packer
#02 add more explanations on the build process
[DIFF] 11:48 [INFO] JensReyer typo
[DIFF] 10:13 [INFO] ?MathieuParent [1-3]
[DIFF] 09:44 [INFO] ?MathieuParent
[DIFF] 06:42 [INFO] SunilMohanAdapa Update for explaining more features etc.
[DIFF] 18:53 [INFO] VictorCuadradoJuan Change jabber info to matrix
[DIFF] 16:52 [INFO] ?GiuseppeSacco [1-2] #01 lowered the hugepages values in order to keep a simpler example
#02 Added a note about memlock in limits.conf and hugepages in sysctl.conf
[DIFF] 10:54 [INFO] ?JosephNuthalapati [1,4]
SunilMohanAdapa [2-3]
#01 Rewrote the section on Syncthing's role in FreedomBox
#02 Minor formatting
#03 Add note about availability of Syncthing
#04 Created wiki page for Syncthing
[DIFF] 09:39 [INFO] moomoc Trnaslate bit about how to use advanced installer options
[DIFF] 08:49 [INFO] EnricoZini Added link to the BTS issue about extensions being disabled by default.
[DIFF] 08:32 [INFO] ?PhilippeThierry [1-2]
[DIFF] 06:34 [INFO] ?rahulde
[DIFF] 05:03 [INFO] SunilMohanAdapa [1]
?JosephNuthalapati [2-3]
#01 Minor formatting and change
#03 Listed Syncthing in the features
[DIFF] 04:28 [INFO] MartinMichlmayr [1-2] #01 Basic support in 4.11
#02 Update ETA
[DIFF] 01:51 [INFO] SamuelThibault document expert, rescue, and automatic installation with speech
[DIFF] 00:57 [INFO] SamuelThibault fenrir uploaded
[DIFF] 21:25 [INFO] ?DanieleForsi [1-2] #01 fixed copy and paste error
#02 added DebianBug:858487
[DIFF] 16:11 [INFO] TheAnarcat link to repositoryinstructio ns
[DIFF] 03:38 [INFO] ?PierreBrial Commandes supplémentaires


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