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This is a list of programs to work with [[CDDVD|CDs, DVDs]], and optical media in general.
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## Alphabetical order
 * DebianPkg:brasero for Gnome
 * DebianPkg:K3b for KDE
 * DebianPkg:xfburn for Xfce
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Note that one may well use these GUI programs on other desktops than their
native one. Their Debian packages will pull in the necessary libraries
when they get installed. This might consume substantial amounts of disk space,
 * DebianPkg:brasero
 * DebianPkg:K3b
 * DebianPkg:xfburn
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They all do CD, data and audio, and DVD.

With BD (Blu-ray) your mileage may vary. xfburn of Debian 8 Jessie is supposed
to work with BD-R and BD-RE.
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 * For [[MD5]]
## * [[waitclose]] obsolete
## * readcd
## * IsoBuster

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 * [[CDDVD|CD and DVD]]

FrontPage > Software > Multimedia > CD/DVD tools

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This is a list of programs to work with CDs, DVDs, and optical media in general.

Graphical User Interface

Command Line Tools

  • genisoimage: Creates ISO-9660 CD-ROM filesystem images (iso files), controlled by options of mkisofs.

  • eject : Loads and ejects the tray of an optical drive.

  • cdrdao : Burns CD under control of a CUE sheet file.

  • wodim : Burns CD controlled by options like of cdrecord.

  • cdrskin : Burns CD, DVD, BD by options like of cdrecord.

  • growisofs : Burns DVD and BD. Can control a genisoimage run.

  • xorriso : Burns data CD, DVD, and BD. Emulates genisomage and parts of cdrecord.

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