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## page was renamed from CDDToolkit
## page was renamed from CDDT
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= CDD Toolkit Page =

There are a lot of people working on CustomDebian Distributions, but it seems that everyone is reinventing the wheel to do it.

I wrote a proposal to implement a toolkit that tries to standardize the way developers define their CDD and provides tools to distribute, install, update and manage the customized system.

Currently the toolkit is partially functional and is being developed on https://mixinet.net/projects/cddt/.

The proposal has been transformed into the package documentation and is available from the [[https://mixinet.net/projects/cddt/browser/trunk/doc/|svn repository]], on the `cddt-doc` package (available from http://people.debian.org/~sto/cddt/) or directly from http://people.debian.org/~sto/cddt/doc/ (not always up to date).

Related to the documentation, on http://people.debian.org/~sto/Malaga2006/ there are slides from a talk about the design and implementation of the CDDT.

The idea is to upload the toolkit to Debian experimental soon (I'm writting this the 28th of Februrary, 2006), but as not all the components are ready it will probably be done splitting the source into multiple subpackages and uploading them independently.

Anyone interested on discussing about the toolkit can write to the debian-custom@lists.debian.org mailing list.