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CategoryHomepage I been using Debian for awhile, and clearly it is my preferred Linux Distro. I noticed lately, many people are switching from other distros to Debian. Many for the fact that Debian is stable, secure, and fast. Yet others, I have read, are choosing Debian for their first distro, from Windows or Macintosh. One of the most commonly asked questions, if not the first question is about font render on Debian, currently version 7.1 (Wheezy). Many new Debian users seek similar font rendering from previously linux or Windows or Macintosh experiences. The following article, will assist you in installing and using similar fonts from popular linux distrbutions like ?OpenSuse or Ubuntu. This article, or how-to, is not going to focus on the technical issues of font rendering, but provide the user a way to enjoy fonts on Debian.

First noted, Debian Wheezy comes pre-installed with several font, and chosing one is easy through graphical application included on your installed desktop (e.g.,Gnome, KDE, XFCE4). Additional fonts can be installed, including those under the GNU license, or those that require licensing agreements. This article will focus on installing Ubuntu style fonts on Debia, which are open-source fonts.