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 * [[CDDVDTools]]

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CD / DVD Burner

Hardware Linux compatibility

As of year 2015, nearly all commercially available optical drives are attached via SATA controllers. Some of them sit in external boxes with USB-SATA bridges. Drives with IDE (PATA) controllers have become rare. All such optical drives are supposed to be compatible with the Linux kernel and software usually found on GNU/Linux systems.

There are indications that in the time of 2014 and 2015 some Linux kernels and some USB 3 controllers killed burn runs by short periods of inconsciousness. The symptoms range from Sense Key 0xB "Process terminated" over "no such device" and "Power On, Reset" to "Illegal Address". Jessie's kernel 3.16 might well be in this range, but the problem reports are much too rare to indicate a general problem with it. If in doubt, plug optical drives into USB 2 sockets.

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