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There are numerous GUI wrappers for the following utilities, but sometimes you want to use the command line options.

For example use apt-get install brasero and start brasero in X (it is a GUI burner)

or apt-get install wodim and start wodim as:

wodim -dao /home/user/file.iso

to burn the file on current CD/DVD in command line (warning: it can start burning right away, erasing any data on the disk)

Make an ISO

cd iso1
genisoimage -A Human_Genome1 -f -J -r -V HG1  -o ../filename.iso

Burn the CD

Figure out the device to use with

wodim --devices

then burn with, e.g.

wodim dev=/dev/hda -v -tao filename.iso

Test it

mount /dev/cdrom
cd /mnt/cdrom
cd /
umount /dev/cdrom

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