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Replying to build logs

template files from aba

  • ~/.muttrc

send-hook '~t buildd ~s success' "set signature='' pgp_autosign=yes indent_string='' edit_headers=yes editor='~/bin/buildd-script.sh' fast_reply=yes pgp_create_traditional=yes include=yes pgp_sign_as=<maint>@debian.org"
send-hook '!(~t buildd ~s success)' "set pgp_autosign=no indent_string='> ' editor=vim fast_reply=no pgp_create_traditional=no include=yes set signature=''"

  • ~/bin/buildd-script.sh

cat $1 > ~/Mail/buildd/orig
egrep -v '^Fcc:' $1 | sed -e '8,/\.changes\:$/d' -e '/^\*/,$d' > ~/Mail/buildd/changes
cat ~/Mail/buildd/changes > $1

mutt configuration

  • .muttrc (send-hooks): change pgp_sign_as and path to editor if necessary
  • build-script.sh: change path to temporary files if necessary
  • To prevent QP encoding of buildd logs add the following to your muttconfig: "unset allow_8bit"


  • make sure the path to the editor points to build-script.sh
  • make sure the path to the temporary files exist


  • make sure the sed in build-script.sh skips the correct number of lines, one can test this with the temporary files...
  • a reply is either
    • a not signed mail consisting of one keyword (and some arguments?) on one line
    • a signed changes file (for instance via build-script.sh)
  • keep the subject intact
  • read /usr/share/doc/buildd/README.admin.gz for more information or when you use gnus instead of mutt
  • make sure that your key is in the keyring(s) for the archive(s) you're building for